Prince William Republican Chairman Candidate John Gray Issues Apology

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Photo from John Gray’s campaign website.

WOODBRIDGE, VA – John Gray issued the following statement regarding recent news about his past deleted tweets:

“In the past few years I have indulged in using Twitter to express opinions often in a callous, inappropriate, and sarcastic manner. I deeply regret my reckless use of social media and apologize for the hurt that I have caused members of the community that I love.

“I will not make excuses for these Tweets, but rather issue now a sincere apology. I have fought for this country in the Marines, because I love America, it’s people, our liberty, and our diversity.

“I decided to run primarily because I believe that my record of service to the community and my experience as a CPA uniquely qualify me to give back to this County by championing public safety, lower taxes, and
government accountability.

“My God requires me to be gracious and forgive. I humbly ask my fellow Prince William residents to now forgive me.

“I pledge to do everything in my power to earn your trust and to make you proud of Prince William County if I am elected. I believe that the liberty and diversity in Prince William is a unique strength that I am dedicated to enhancing and utilizing as a community leader.”

Democrats are holding a press conference in regarding Gray’s Tweets at the same time these statements were released, Thursday afternoon. 

Prince William Republican Committee Chairman Bill Card also issued a statement Thursday afternoon. He said it would be “hypocritical” to condemn Gray and excuse the actions of their own politicians, such as Gov. Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax.

John Gray Has Apologized, Yet Prince William Dems Focus On His Past
Mistakes, While Ignoring Democrat Inappropriate Statements

WOODBRIDGE, VA – As Prince William Democrats today hold a press
conference about John Gray’s past inappropriate tweets that he’s
apologized for, Prince William County Chairman Bill Card and Vice Chair
Joan Watts released a statement and list of inappropriate statements and
actions from Virginia Democrats that have been completed ignored by
Prince William Democrats.

“John Gray has rightly apologized for his disgusting past tweets,” said
Joann Watts, Vice Chairman or the Prince William Republican Committee.
“However, it’s hypocritical for the Prince William Democrats to focus on
his mistakes when they give their leader, Governor Ralph Northam, a
complete pass on his racist actions while taking his money, and when
they refuse to give Justin Fairfax’s rape accusers a hearing or
investigation. Ann Wheeler was completely silent on Ralph Northam’s
racist use of blackface; by the Democrats own logic, she was complicit
to his ugly behavior.”

1) Governor Northam Used Blackface – In February, Governor Ralph Northam
admitted to appearing in a racist blackface photo in his medical college
yearbook, in which his nickname was “Coonman.” During his bungled public
relations response, Governor Northam also called slavery “indentured

2) Taking Money From Governor Northam – Despite the fact that several
Prince William Democrats called for his resignation, they have recently
accepted political contributions from him. For example, Delegate
Elizabeth Guzman, Danica Roem, and Hala Ayala authorized a poll that was
paid by Governor Northam’s Political Action Committee, The Way Ahead

3) Ann Wheeler Silence on Racism – The Democratic nominee for Prince
William Board Chairman, Ann Wheeler, has been completely silent on
Governor Northam’s disgusting use of blackface. She made no statement in
February, nor demanded his resignation. By the Democrats’ own logic, her
silence means that she approves of his behavior.

4) Protecting Justin Fairfax Against Rape Accusers – Dr. Vanessa Tyson
alleges that Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax sexually assaulted her in 2004
and Meredith Watson alleges that Fairfax sexually assaulted her while
both were attending Duke University. Since February, Republicans have
proposed a bipartisan hearing at the request of Fairfax’s accusers, and
yet Senator Scott Surovell, Jeremy McPike, and Delegates Elizabeth
Guzman, Hala Ayala, and all of the Prince William Democrats have
objected, in order to protect the Lt. Governor.

5) Calling Republican Women “Whores” – In 2017, Prince William County
Democrat Chairman Harry Wiggins carried a sign to a political rally, in
which he called Supervisor Anderson and then-Congresswoman Barbara
Comstock a “whore” and “puppets.” Senator Scott Surovell, Jeremy McPike,
and all of the House of Delegate candidates were silent about Wiggins’
disgusting name-calling. By the Democrats’ own logic, their silence
means that they approve of his sexist behavior.

6) Ignoring Lee Carter’s Dangerous Rhetoric – On July 28 in a tweet,
Delegate Lee Carter called on “liberals” to “defend antifa” and
“communists” and their violent form of activism against the police and
other groups. Surprisingly, Senator Scott Surovell, Jeremy McPike, and
all of the House of Delegate candidates were silent. By the Democrats’
own logic, their silence means that they approve of his violent-inciting



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