Prince William SPCA Donates Pet Oxygen Masks

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Photo Courtesy of Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue

A donation of oxygen masks designed for dogs and cats will now help more family pets in Prince William County survive smoke inhalation in the event of a house fire.

Each year in the U.S., thousands of people lose their lives to fire, but they are not the only ones. Family pets, dogs and cats, often perish in house fires as well.

According to Prince William County Communications Specialist Kim Hylander, the masks could save “hundreds of thousands of cherished family pets who suffer injury or death due to smoke and flames.”

Hylander said that although firefighters will attempt to save a pet’s life, rescuing him from a burning building, “the damage a pet sustains from inhalation of smoke or carbon monoxide overwhelms many of the animals that often die en route to a veterinarian.”

Now, a donation of life-saving equipment, including pet oxygen masks, provided by the Prince William SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) can help save these animals’ lives.

“PWSPCA was looking for a specific way to donate funds to fire and rescue for acquiring an oxygen delivery system for animals,” PWSPCA Representative Judy Haller said.

The organization contacted the Fire and Rescue Association inquiring about fire and rescue services and their interest in obtaining the pet oxygen masks.

“[The PWSPCS] determined the devices would enhance the services provided to the community, and the process was set in motion,” Hylander said.

Prior to distribution, PWSPCA required approval from its Board of Directors, the Fire and Rescue Association, and Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

Upon approval, PWSPCA purchased 42 of the WAG’N 02 FUR LIFE delivery systems/devices (estimated value approximately $3,000). Each fire and rescue station will receive two kits, one primary and one backup kit. Firefighters will undergo training in the use and maintenance of the devices prior to placing the kits on fire and rescue apparatuses.

Today, there are approximately 1,700 fire departments in North America that have some type of pet oxygen delivery device. In Virginia, there are 24.

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