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Residents Rally to Support Vandalism Victim

| March 16, 2016 | 0 Comments | News
Photo Submitted by Judy Beaty

Residents provided Gainesville resident Judy Beaty with multiple political signs to replace the ones that were stolen last week. Photo Submitted by Judy Beaty

After Bristow Beat reported that Judy Beaty woke Wednesday morning to discover that vandals stole her Donald Trump lawn signs and spray painted political message on the side of her home, the community came to the support of the 70-year-old Gainesville resident.

Jim Lilly, owner of  NVA Contracting Corp. offered to repair the damage at no cost.

“I volunteered this because this makes me very angry that someone would do that to a resident over a political sign,” Lily said.”Then when I read it was an elderly woman who now has this to deal with, I was more upset.”

Beaty, who lived in her home since October 2015, says she was scared and felt violated by the actions of the vandals.

She moved to her Old Linton Hall Road home from Rose Hill Estates in Haymarket, because she “thought it would be exciting to live here, since it was in town.”

“This place is so much fun,” she said. “I have everything right across the street.”

Sean Rameika, a local land owner, also offered to provide Beaty with some of his surveillance equipment to give her some peace of mind.

“Since I’m already dealing with similar behavior on the formerly known as Stone Haven property and she’s right across the street, I’d be more than happy to offer up some assistance.”

Since the incident, she has installed a camera for security and appreciates the outpouring of support from neighbors and community members.

“I am really pleased some of my neighbors stopped by and one gave me a flag,” she said.  “The county has been really supportive; Corey Stewart gave me a call and I have noticed extra police patrols.”
A group of Trump supporters also staged a small rally at her home Sunday afternoon.
However, she is still concerned for her safety.
“I still feel uneasy not knowing who would come onto my property and paint my bedroom siding,” she said. “Hopefully this will be a week of peace.”
Despite contrasting political views, residents agree that Beaty has a right to voice her opinion and support whomever she chooses.
“This is awful. Whether you agree or don’t agree with her political stance she has the First Amendment right! You have to be a disrespectful person to vandalize someone’s home over a political sign,” Crystal Denton of Gainesville said.
I saw this firsthand yesterday on my way to my daughter’s piano lesson down the street. I wanted to knock on their door and offer to help remove it. It disgusted me! I don’t agree with these people politically, but there is absolutely NO excuse for this kind of behavior!” Lanna Carter Broyles of Bristow said.

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