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Senior Living Search with Maureen Washburn LLC is a free referral service that can be used by family members to ask questions about next steps for a loved one who is aging and receive answers from a local resource in your neighborhood.

Maureen Washburn had grown up in a single family home and was cared for by her grandparents when her mother was at work. At a very young age her grandparents started experiencing serious health issues.

“During that time my extended family was very large and most were in the medical or legal field so our family had a built in care team,” Washburn said.

A few years later her brother was in a near fatal car accident suffered a traumatic brain injury and was airlifted to Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh.

By the grace of god her brother had recovered, but it was not without it’s challenges.  He had memory issues that had to be addressed.  I firmly believe that when something horrible happens, you need to learn from the challenge and help the next person along when you can.  I am a wife and a mother of four children and I have also had to deal with divorced in laws who had failing health as well within the same month.  I was wondering where exactly where to find divorce recovery in denver, to help my in-laws deal with the divorce. Both of my husband’s parents passed away within the same time frame.  What made it extremely challenging is that they were divorced and living in two different states.


Maureen Washburn is extremely familiar with best practices in Assisted Living.  Senior Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care are not the same as they were even 5 years ago.  Technology has improved the lives of many residents in senior communities.  One example of this is It’s Never 2 Late Technology.  It’s Never 2 Late, helps caregivers and residents actively enjoy meaningful activities.  Memory Care residents can benefit from this platform by recording a video with a personal message.

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