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Supervisor Lawson Issues Statement on Governor’s State of Emergency at Capitol Grounds

Jeanine Lawson, Supervisor for the Brentsville Magisterial District of Prince William County

By the Office of Supervisor Jeanine Lawson, Brentsville Supervisor (R)

The Honorable Jeanine Lawson, Prince William County Board of Supervisors- Brentsville, issued the following statement today in response to Governor Northam’s declared State of Emergency on Capitol Grounds:

“Today Governor Northam declared a State of Emergency for Virginia’s Capitol Grounds in anticipation of protests against proposed gun legislation. This State of Emergency will ban all firearms from the capitol grounds. This is the second outright ban of firearms the Democrats have issued in a week.

“While I am grateful for the preparations taken by law enforcement and first responders, I am disappointed that our elected governor feels such contempt for the 2nd amendment that he sees fit to compromise the right entirely. I am also embarrassed that Governor Northam views the rights of our citizens to peacefully assemble and petition for a redress of grievances as constituting an emergency. I stand with the citizens of Prince William County as they travel with their friends and family to Richmond on Monday to advocate for their personal rights.”

“I support the 2nd Amendment and stand firmly with our citizens as they make their voices heard in Richmond and across the Commonwealth. Our Founding Fathers enshrined the Right to assemble peacefully and the governor’s State of Emergency is a clear indication that he believes those who support 2nd Amendment are unable to co-exist peacefully. While I cannot say the same for my elected colleagues in the state legislature and the governor’s mansion, I will always honor my Oath to support the Constitution.”

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