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Virginia COVID-19 Cases May Have Peaked Week of April 12

| April 27, 2020 | 0 Comments | News

There are 13,535 total cases of confirmed COVID-19 in Virginia, 2,066 hospitalizations and 458 total deaths, but the increase in those numbers have begun to slow. This may indicate that Virginia has reached its peak.

Last week the Virginia Department of Health recorded a decrease in COVID-19 cases in Commonwealth. Newly confirmed cases in Virginia went from 2,961 cases the week of April 12 to 2,541 cases the week of April 19. That is a decrease in growth of 420 cases even as testing has become more available. 

That is the first decrease Virginia has seen since it began documented confirmed cases. The Virginia Department of Health notes that many illnesses may not have yet been reported. But the stay-at-home order is surely making a difference in slowly the spread.


The number of weekly outbreaks have also decreased according to the Virginia Department of Health. There were 39 new outbreaks recorded last week, and 53 the week prior.

The greatest number of cases are occurring in long term case facilities. From April 19-26 there were 26 new outbreaks in Virginia’s long-term care facilities. Congregational meetings also saw a decrease in outbreaks. Last week there were 7 new cases in congregational settings. There were 19 outbreaks the week of April 12.

In the Region

Prince William County continues to be the locality with the second highest number of cases in all of Virginia. Its current case count has risen to 1,350 with 137 people hospitalized and 20 deaths. Fairfax now has 3,002 cases, 522 hospitalizations and 100 deaths.

Some Statistics

While people are associating COVID-19 with the elderly, the numbers tell a different story. Only 49% of hospitalizations were for people age 50 and over. Children do seem to be less effected with 3.9% of cases those age 0-19.

Guide for ‘Virginia Forward’

The reason for Governor Ralph Northam’s “stay at home” order was to “slow the curve.” If cases increased too quickly they could overwhelm the hospital system. If Virginia has reached a peak during the stay at home order, Northam said still needs to do much before the state can reopen.

He wants to numbers of new cases and hospitalizations in decline for a 14 day period. He also wants to ramp up testing and make sure hospitals and medical facilities are equipped with enough PPE. More about the Governor’s phased plan to reopen the economy. 

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