WE ARE REAL ESTATE: Nokesville, Who Do You Want To Be?

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 scottjacobsby Scott Jacobs
Before I get started, this article isn’t about whether or not you believe in preserving the rural crescent; this isn’t a debate.  Let me be the first to say that I’m not seeking any political office – been there, done that!  This is about a town named Nokesville, a community that I and many others grew up and fell in love with.  This is where I’ve chosen to raise my family and to start my business.
Nokesville is an incredible community filled with some amazingly caring people who are truly proud of where they live and/or were raised.  Always known for and identified by the big green barn with the dancing pig, the old Nokesville Elementary School, which the community helped to build and a fire hall where community would gather for special events and meetings.  This town has really changed over the past year or two; we no longer see the dancing pig on the side of the barn. The old Nokesville Elementary School sits empty as politicians decide what it’s fate might be (sell or preserve)?  Our Station #5 is set to be torn down and re-built without a meeting hall affixed to it due to misleading budgetary constraints.  So I ask the question. Nokesville, who do you want to be?
Tomorrow marks a long standing tradition called Nokesville Day, which always draws thousands of residents to celebrate our beloved town with a parade and myriad of festivities. The parade would always march down Fitzwater Drive, which in our town is Main Street.  Just recently I found out that the plans for this years Nokesville Day will dramatically change due to the inability by VDOT to close Fitzwater Drive thus forcing everything to be consolidated at the Brentsville High School  (please come as ALL are welcome.) Our one lane bridge has been closed for an indefinite period of time due to safety hazards with no date set for repairs to begin.  With Rt. 28 (Nokesville Road) set to be widened out to four lanes across, change is eminent so I ask the question. Nokesville, who do you want to be?
I envision a day where people would come to Nokesville to spend an afternoon antiquing, visiting a vineyard, brewery or one of many quaint shops and restaurants.  We need to breathe life back into this great town – the area of commerce will only survive if it gets treated with priority. Nokesville is a great place, I believe that it could be extraordinary. Let’s clean the streets, remove the utility poles from the sidewalks and create a nice walkable streetscape.  Let’s make a new plan for the future of our beloved town. In order to do that the people need to wake up and have a voice.  If not before we know it, we will see the old elementary school sold to the highest bidder and we will not have a meeting hall on our new fire house; much will be lost.  We need an identity and to do that we will need to set our sights on the future.  So I ask the question. Nokesville, who do you want to be?
Scott Jacobs is a Prince William County born real estate brokerage owner, entrepreneur, husband and father that is actively involved in the local community. Contact information for Jacobs & Co. Realtors  is 703-594-3800. 

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