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Wegmans Denies Bad Chicken Sold at Gainesville Store

| April 10, 2017 | 0 Comments | News

Despite a Facebook post warning residents of unrefrigerated chicken that was delivered to the Gainesville Wegmans store, the chain denies the claim.

“There have been no problems with the refrigeration systems on our trucks or in our Gainesville store,” Wegmans Food Market Media Relations Coordinator Valerie Fox said.

The store management found no issues with their stock of chicken products.

“When we heard there was a customer concern, we immediately pulled and inspected the chicken in our meat department and found it in excellent condition,” Fox said.

The post says that chicken, which arrived at the store located at 8297 Stonewall Shops Square in Gainesville late Saturday night, was allegedly transported in a truck with faulty refrigeration, resulting in foul smelling chicken.

“I bought chicken wings and legs yesterday and put them in the refrigerator, I pulled them out of the refrigerator today to cook and they stunk so bad I almost threw up,” the Gainesville resident wrote.

She said an employee in the store’s customer service department related the information about the truck to her; with this information, she requested that the store publicize the problem to warn other customers whom might have purchased the chicken.

“When there is a food safety concern with a product we’ve sold, we use our Shoppers Club records to personally notify the customers who purchased that product,” Fox said. “Food safety is our top priority and we believe this was an isolated incident.”

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