Woodbridge Motorcyclist Caught in Wind Storm on Way Home from Bristow Church

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Photo Courtesy of Chris Moomaw

Chris Moomaw of Woodbridge had a harrowing experience Saturday evening trying to get home from Chapel Springs Church in Bristow during the remnants of Tropical Depression Bill. Photo Courtesy of Chris Moomaw

Chris Moomaw describes himself as a “400lb Biker Chaplain for Honorbound Motorcycle Ministry,” but his weight didn’t protect him from the wind, which accompanied Saturday’s storm.

In a Facebook post to his friends, he described his decision to literally throw caution to the wind and attempt to travel home to Woodbridge from Chapel Springs Church in Bristow that evening.

“What a wild day today. [I left] the church this evening, but I had a few people telling me to stay inside the church because a bad storm was coming,” Moomaw said. “I checked the radar and it looked if I could thread the needle for home and miss the storm.”

He said he left the church traveling on Route 28 toward Prince William Parkway when the winds and rain excellerated.

“Got to the 7-11 and it was kicking up bad; I was going to pull into the McDonald’s when I saw the light pole coming down in their parking lot with an explosion,” he said. “[I headed] to the Burger King across the street and went to get off the bike, when I got hit by major winds.”

The winds were so strong, they knocked him off his feet before he could make it to the door of the restaurant.

“[The wind was] pushing me and rolling me down the parking lot. People were screaming inside the Burger King. I could not get up the winds were so strong,” he said.

He explained that the wind’s momentum had carried him into a concrete trash can; he described himself as “knocked senseless and confused.”

“No one would help me, they were scared to death inside the Burger King, he said. “Then a little girl, no more than 70lbs, jumped out of a car and ran over to comfort me and said she would help me up.”

Inspired by the actions of the girl, another individual came to Moomaw’s aid.

Once he was able to climb to his feet, he found refuge inside the restaurant.

Moomaw reported that he sustained injuries to his shoulder, hand, arm, leg and knees, but ultimately made it home intact.

“You wonder how people can get surprised so quickly by a fast moving storm and get injured. I was blown away with what happened. No pun intended,” he said.”Thank the good Lord I was not doing 65 mph on the road.

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