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jshawSomething wonderful happened in Bristow this weekend. An independent business had an amazing opening.

According to Tom Badaloto, owner of Tom & Suzie’s NY Bagel Deli in Bristow Commons, by Sunday afternoon, they moved 200 dozen bagels and 120 lbs of cream cheese.

For two days, customers braved hour-long lines to purchase New York-style bagels, pastries and deli meats.

While the opening weekend euphoria may die down somewhat in the coming months, ultimately they will continue to have a brisk business because they followed a tried and true business strategy.

They did their research and gave their customers what they asked for. Through social media (and a little help from Bristow Beat), the Badalotos received feedback from the community; they responded with products that will drive their business.

We wish more potential new business owners would take the time to learn this simple marketing concept.

Bristow and Gainesville retail centers are the home to many commercial endeavors, but these businesses occupy surprisingly few categories, including Asian-themed restaurants, pet stores, salons, martial arts studios and frozen yogurt shops.

Where’s the originality?

Residents have been clamoring for any number of unique businesses to enter the market. (Don’t get us started on Sweetwater Tavern or Trader Joe’s—We’re sorry, but they’re not coming to the area any time soon.) Entrepreneurs must consider how their businesses will engage the community with new and different retails and service concepts.

Do we need another frozen yogurt shop in the area? Maybe not, but at least owner Murad Maqbul Pandit of the forthcoming TCBY in Bristow Commons is adding a Mrs. Field’s cookie franchise and serving breakfast to add a unique twist to his new store.

Besides Tom & Suzie’s and TCBY, Bristow Commons, located at the intersection of Linton Hall Road and Devlin Road, has also signed as tenants an Asian fusion and a farm-to-table restaurant, a tobacco shop and a music school.

Also, with much fan fare, Duck Donuts will bring their Outer Banks renowned products to Bristow this summer.

Some of these are independent businesses while others are franchises, but all are unique. People are eager to have the conveniences of urban centers in their backyard: the kinds of businesses they frequented when living in cities, inner suburbs or their former hometowns.

As western Prince William County grows, we feel confident that those businesses bringing unique products or experiences will thrive. Developers play a part in bringing these businesses to us, but we in turn, play a part in supporting them.

Even Bristow Beat owes much its existence to extensive market research. When we realized that western Prince William County was not receiving the in depth coverage that residents deserved, we took advantage of the opportunity.

We implore you entrepreneurs: listen to the community.

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