LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New Gainesville Traffic Pattern Safety Concerns for Neighborhood

| May 31, 2015 | 0 Comments | Opinions

oldlintonhallhuronI live off Old Linton Hall Road and your new detour has created quite a problem for our neighborhood. Not only are vehicles battling it out for access to Whitney Road, but vehicles are cutting through the backside down Huron Drive, where kids are not used to high traffic.  I might also add that there were several close encounters at the Whitney/Old Linton Hall Road intersection today. I’m not sure how long the Virginia Department of Transportation anticipates this detour, but I would suggest using a road more suitable such as University to Wellington Road or Heathcote Boulevard to Old Carolina Road for the west.

This alternative might ease stopped traffic on Route 29 during peak hours, prevent u-turns, allow for decreased signal time at Whitney with greater through put on Linton Hall, but also keep the neighborhood safe.

Also, if Linton Hall Road to 29 South is detoured to Wellington to University, why would the return trip from 29 North to Linton Hall not follow a similar route [and avoid Old Linton Hall Road]?

I hope VDOT considers this, i would be happy to assist in any way I can.  I have three small children that love to play outside. I would hate to see an easily avoidable accident occur for either drivers, unsuspecting adults or children at play.

Doug Hague

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