LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Open Letter to Chairman Stewart Regarding Stone Haven

| September 18, 2014 | 1 Comment | Opinion, Opinions

Map shows the large piece of land proposed to become the Stone Haven development.

A letter to Chairman Corey Stewart of PWC.

Sir, as a chairman of Prince William County [Board of County Supervisors], you are selected to act in its citizens best interests. You voted for the Stone Haven development knowing that with the current infrastructure in Prince William County this development and many others are not in the best interest of its current citizens. Without an infrastructure to support all those developments, no houses should be built, period. How do you justify your vote?

People in the Gainesville, Haymarket and Bristow area are already at their limits with traffic congestion, especially if they have to travel on 66 to get to work. It’s a parking lot at 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. Before establishing any new developments in this area you need to resolve the current traffic congestion first. This task should be a priority on your list before you introduce new homes in this area.

It did not help your honesty and integrity to accept campaign donations from the same developer, Stone Haven’s estate firm. It’s wrong!


Diana Nelsen of Bristow

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  1. KuroHouou says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Where can we go vote to get rid of these idiots who voted for Stone Haven? Where can we go vote to reverse their decision, I don’t know anyone that would actually want more houses there. We don’t have the Infrastructure to support more people, its just that simple! Unless those developers want to pay for Metro to come down here or something, then these houses will ruin Gainesville. I understand they want more people coming to PWC and more shops and everything to get more tax money, but they are going about it backwards, build infrastructure first, then houses, at the very least at the same time. Linton Hall will become a parking lot, just like 66, the on ramps from 29, PWC Parkway and Manassas are just going to get worse. It’s time they start thinking about their current residents, not the pocket books of themselves and their developers!

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