OPINION: Stakeholder Involvement Benefits Stone Haven Concept

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As a follow-up to [Tuesday’s] vote on the Stone Haven Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA), the Board of County Supervisors’ (BOCS) vote was whether or not to initiate a change to our Comprehensive Plan to allow a developer to file, in the future, what is known as a rezoning.  The vote on the CPA passed yesterday 5-3.

For the record, when Stone Haven first came before the BOCS last spring (2011) the Board of County Supervisors agreed that the proposal would benefit from additional study.  For the first time ever in Prince William County, I requested that the study include actual stakeholders—citizens who lived along Linton Hall Corridor — in the review process.  Last fall, a series of community meetings involving citizens and area business owners was held during which citizens were able to brainstorm with representatives of the property owner about what they would like to see happen on the Stone Haven property.

Stakeholder involvement benefited the Stone Haven concept, as was noted by several Supervisors yesterday.  In the process, the urgent need for an additional high school site to alleviate overcrowding at Patriot and Battlefield, as well as additional fields or recreational opportunity for Linton Hall communities was conveyed by citizens with a vested interest in the outcome.

Once a Stone Haven rezoning application is filed, I encourage you to stay involved in the process.  There will be at least two public meetings, including one before the Planning Commission and one before the Board of County Supervisors.  In the meantime, feel free to email me with any thoughts or concerns. Also, check our website or Facebook page for any updates.

Wally Covington
Brentsville Supervisor

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