PET FRIENDLY: Prevent Veterinary Emergencies on Thanksgiving

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artemispetfriendlylogoTo many, Thanksgiving is about the three F’s – Family, Food and Football! However, there are two more F’s that need to be considered during the holiday and they are our Furry Friends.

Pets are considered part of the family and are often invited or included in holiday gatherings, but do we really think about them when planning our meals and activities?

“Whether they are sitting at the kid’s table or the adult table,  furry friends need special care.”Dr. Melanie Galanis, Medical Director of Artemis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Services said. “Often Thanksgiving dinner is shared with them and guests (or owners) want to give them a special treat, but there are many hidden dangers in our meals that could make them sick.”

Dr. Galanis said most gravies contain onion and garlic in either raw or powdered form, which can be highly toxic to pets. Bones from meats can also cause obstructions or turn into sharp splinters inside your pet. The cream and butter in mashed potato or sweet potato casseroles can cause severe intestinal upset.  Raisins in stuffing can cause long term internal damage to their organs.

“If you would like to share your meal with your pets keep it plain and simple,” she said. “Little white meat turkey (no bones), plain green beans, boiled sweet potato or a can of turkey dog food can be  added to their regular meal. For a special treat try adding a few frozen blueberries or plain canned pumpkin to their meal for a ‘dessert.'”

If frying your turkey, she suggests be sure to keep curious or rambunctious pets far away from the fryer. Pets playing or just being curious about the delicious smells may accidentally knock over the fryer causing not only serious harm to themselves but to others in the area.

“Hot oil can cause serious burns as well as catch fire. Keep a fire extinguisher meant for kitchen or grease fires and a first aid kit close by. If your pet gets burned do not pour cold water on the affected area,” she said. “Apply a cool compress and seek medical treatment right away at your local emergency vet.”

If your family is the kind that rather play football than watch it on TV and your dog is part of the team, be sure to either keep them in a fenced yard or a secured area on a leash. As much as they love to carry the ball and make touchdowns, getting hit by a car, trampled or lost because they decided to chase the squirrel instead of making the tackle is not how you want your game to end.

Most importantly, understand your pet’s comfort level. If they are not used to children being around or a large number of people in the house they can become easily frightened with the change in their environment. Some pets may hide, become anxious or even show signs of aggression when overwhelmed. Make sure to provide your pet with a safe and secure area they can retreat to when they need some alone time. Educate children about how to interact with your pets and when to leave them alone. Both cats and dogs might nip or scratch if they have had enough. Be sure to intervene if you see your pet trying to say it has had enough before someone gets hurt.

“When the day is over and our bellies are all full, be thankful for not having to make a trip to the emergency room (human or animal), calling the fire department, or having minimal damage to property,” she said. “Hopefully you can end your day with belly rubs, head scratches and whisker kisses.”

Artemis Veterinary Emergency Hospital  is specifically designed and equipped to provide highest quality critical care for pets. Their staff is well-trained in emergency procedures. Whether a minor or major medical problem, we will provide pets with the best possible care. Artemis VESS is open 24/7 and never closes.

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