WEATHER BEAT: Mercury to Soar to 100 this Weekend

| July 20, 2016 | 0 Comments | Weather

weatherbeatlogoIs anybody sick of the heat yet?

It certainly has been a hot summer. In fact, we have actually endured 18 days above 90 degrees in case you lost track, but what’s in store for the rest of the month, or even summer for that matter? Let’s get started!

For the remainder of July, I expect most days to continue to reach 90 degrees. For your August, I still expect many 90-degree days, but it does typically start to cool off towards the latter half of the month, but it will still be hot relatively speaking. All in all, I expect to see at least 40 days above 90 degrees by the time this summer is all said and done

Enough with all this talk about achieving 90 degrees, because by this weekend, I expect to see at least two days at or above 100 degrees. You heard me right, 100 degrees! On Friday, we will likely get pretty close to 100 with a forecasted high of 98; however, both Saturday and Sunday will likely feature highs in the low 100s!

The prospect of 100-degree heat is certainly something we do see in Virginia, just not as often as you may realize. On average, we typically see about one or two days above 100 degrees. Now, sometimes people confuse the heat index with the actual air temperature. Almost every year, we do reach a heat index of 100, but not an actual air temperature of 100. In fact, the last time we reached 100 was back in 2012.

Stay cool, drink plenty of fluids, and spend some quality time at the pool.

My favorite thing to do is study the weather. It is truly fascinating. Nothing beats a good thunderstorm. I became very interested in weather when I lived in Okinawa, Japan for four years and was actually inside a super typhoon.

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