Are You Ready for a 40+ Metabolism Reboot?


Let’s be honest, the Northern Virginia area is less than ideal for helping you get into your best shape, stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

We have highly demanding jobs, a large number of chain restaurants and some of the worst traffic in the U.S.! Not to mention all of the stress that comes along with living in a growing area. 

Our lifestyle habits, combined with being over 40, means our metabolism is setup for failure. Perhaps you have desperately made all kinds of attempts to get in better shape, only to gain the weight back time after time. You are not alone. 

Nevertheless, have hope! There are those who have broken the cycle. 

Here are the stories of two Northern Virginia over 40-year-olds who decided to take control of their fitness, sought help and support, and committed to weekly daily exercise and eating right. 

Jim was frustrated and out of shape. 

“I felt tired no matter how much sleep I got and was frustrated that I had reached a weight I had never been before. It was hard getting out of bed in the mornings, I didn’t have the energy or stamina to play with my daughter, and my clothes were getting smaller…I guess that was me getting bigger.” 

Jim came to Movement Fitness after seeing that we worked with clients that were 40 or older.

“I knew I needed to start losing weight to get healthy and enjoy my time with my daughter, but I needed a plan.”

He focused on becoming better each day. Whether, it was during the workout or how he ate each day. 

Within a year, Jim was in the best shape of his life! 

“I can sleep through the night without snoring, allowing for a good night’s sleep, which is a good thing for me but also for my wife!!! Before when I played tag with my daughter I was the one taking breaks, now she is the one looking for the “bases” to take the timeouts. My golf swing has dramatically improved with my core strength and the ability to walk 18 holes. I’ve run my first 5k race in 26:44, holy cow!!!!  And I felt good, and can’t wait to do another. ”

Jim’s not the only person that lost 50+ pounds and got into their best shape after 40. 

Kristi knew she needed a change, but was confused as to how to get back to her best after 40.

“I would go to the gym and look around confused as to what exercise I should do, how many reps, how much weight etc. I would also go through the 2020 resurge reviews complaints, and try to pick the right products and chuck the rest. I always fell into the carbs are bad don’t eat them routine. I would end up hungry, tired, frustrated and be unable to stick to any plan. This cycle continued until I started at Movement Fitness.” 

As Kristi started her new workout and nutrition program at Movement Fitness, she realized it was not a diet, she had fundamentally changed her health habits, and no longer craved empty calories. 

“Now that I eat plenty of food throughout the day without restricting my carbs, I never feel hungry. I have never been a part of something so organized and supportive.”

After a year of focused 40+ workouts and realistic nutrition Kristi lost 50+ pounds and got into the best shape of her life.

“I love coming to the sessions and have made Movement Fitness a big part of my life!”

No matter your current situation.  No matter your age.  You can be in the best shape of your life after 40!

Try our 40+ 28 Day Metabolism Reboot!

Marcus Brugger featured on the book jacket to 'Look & Feel Great Over 40!'[/caption]

Dedicated To Your Success,

Marcus Brugger

Marcus Brugger

Weight Loss Expert, CPT, ACE, NASM Nutrition Certified 

CEO Movement Fitness


P.S. Since we do everything in Small Groups of 6-8 people, you don’t have to be in amazing shape. Your trainer will be next to you guiding you along the way. Learn more here -> 40+ 28 Day Metabolism Reboot.


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