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BAM! Pumpkin Spice everywhere!

Treat yourself to fall with Gina's Kitchen

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Hello Foodie Friends!!

It is the first week of September and BAM! Pumpkin Spice everywhere! That includes the kitchen. We are excited about all of the fall flavors, so be sure to check the website for our seasonal offerings.

Remember, "Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards" and the Kitchen is all about taking that stress out of your life!

We've got a great variety of snacks like cookie bars, snickerdoodle cookies, and more!

Here's to a fun Halloween season, filled with lots of fun, magic , and Hocus Pocus! It's never too early to get on the Kitchen calendar. You'll wake tomorrow and pumpkin spice and jack-o-lanterns WILL BE EVERYWHERE anyway.

Now is a great time to place an order for a SISTERS! Cupcake in our seasonal pumpkin spice with cinnamon butter cream! This cupcake is perfect for any fall occasion, and it may make you young… or well, younger.

SISTERS! Cupcakes

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Calendar notes:

Now accepting orders for September 15th and beyond.

Always accepting orders for the busy months of September through December!


Christmas Market alert!

The Kitchen will once again be a vendor at the City of Manassas Holiday Market, to be held Saturday December 11th , (at the train station platform and surrounding streets) 

from 10am -3pm.

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This week we are covering a Disney favorite of mine: Princess Tiana! With our Princess and the Frog cupcake, you will have your friends and family hopping on over for a treat.

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How to Make:

Gather your friends and family to help! Getting together around the kitchen table to bake and decorate cupcakes is a fun activity for princesses and princes of all ages! Bake a batch of your favorite flavor cupcakes from a box mix (or favorite recipe).

You'll need a container of vanilla frosting (or make your own) green sanding sugar for color big candy googly eyes. Candies for nose and mouth: I used chocolate sprinkles and red sprinkles for my froggy's nose and mouth. You can use pieces of red and black licorice cut up for nose and mouth, or two mini chocolate chips for nose and as the mouth. You can also draw on the features with piping gel or a piping bag filled with frosting and fitted with a fine point tip.

The fun part: Spread a generous amount of vanilla frosting on the top of your cupcake, then sprinkle with the green sanding sugar to give your froggy his/her green coloring. Add the eyes to the top and place your nose/mouth on with the desired candies. Enjoy with family and friends!

The new site is now up! Visit it HERE! I will be sharing articles and the latest Disney news! We also have a Disney newsletter that you can sign up for HERE!

Ready to plan your next Disney Vacation? You know who to call!


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