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Everyone longs to be healthy. But we sometimes find ourselves wondering how we are going to fit it into our schedule. I promise you we can find it and I promise you it’s worth it.

I know from my own experience how tricky this can be. I originally started my career in the health and fitness industry because I love helping my clients achieve their goals, helping them find the right balance between nutrition, and mental and physical health, a balance that works for them for the rest of their life.

I climbed the corporate ladder and found myself still working in the industry but sitting at a desk. I thought this was a success, but I was gaining weight and wasn’t sleeping. I didn’t have any time for my own health, and worst of all, I didn’t have time for my family. It was showing up everywhere in my life. I felt awful physically and mentally, so I knew I needed to make a change.

We are all looking for a solution to how we can live a healthy balanced life, but we need to recognize the truth. Are we really making a commitment to living a Balance Healthy and Happy Lifestyle, or are we just making excuses? We all have challenges with work and family responsibilities, whether you are a stay-at-home parents or a CEO. We need to recognize that if we feel our health and happiness slipping away, it’s time to make some changes.

Balanced living means considering all aspects of your life, but first, you have to believe it's possible. Next, you need to prioritize and unjumble your life. And finally, you need to be consistent.

Believe – Why not you? You have felt that tingle inside that gets you excited about making a change or starting something new. Then the self-doubt trickles in, slowly drowning your tingle, like water dripping on a fresh painting until the excitement is unrecognizable. Did you know that the number one regret of people on their deathbed is that they wished they had the courage to live a life truer to themself and didn’t worry so much about what others expected of them? Somewhere deep inside you know what kind of life you want. Think like the Oaktree, not the Acorn. The Acorn hopes for one day; the Oaktree knows it’s possible.

Unjumble Your Life – Separate what you need from what you need to get rid of. We are being pulled in so many directions and have so many demands that we never complete our to-do lists. We end up going an inch deep and a mile wide. What are the top five things most important to your living a balanced life? Most people will say relationships and career. And after that? Is it healthy? Wellness? Socializing? Once you can identify them, it allows you to say ‘no’ to the lesser important items that will stall progress.

Consistency – This is a biggy. Without consistency, it is almost impossible to succeed. When we bite off more than we can chew, we sacrifice consistency. This is why most of us fail to reach our goals. We need to take things in bite-size chunks. Set yourself up for a WIN! (For example: walk for 20-minutes after dinner instead of watching Netflix or planning a healthy breakfast.) Once we have created these habits, we can also add on more.

Now make it work for you

Once we commit to believing we can, and prioritizing our goals (with realistic expectations), we need to make a solid plan. We need to schedule nutrition prep and exercise routes to fit within our existing commitments.

You will need a plan for everyday life that is realistic. But will it be fun? Make it fun! 

You may even be able to bring others along on your journey. Find a walking buddy during your lunch break, or take the family on a walk after dinner. Having a plan that incorporates your life will help to make you successful!

Read more about incorporating your healthy activities into your real life in Beth's next column.

Are we that different?

My reasons for making changes may be different from yours. I was overworked, overweight, and overstressed. I thought I had no time for my family, no time for my health and I was spiritually bankrupt. I spent time focusing on what wasn’t working instead of what was. Some may have thought I had a successful career. But I know I was not living a successful life.

If at this moment you are wanting to make healthy changes, make them specific to you. Finding balance and time to live a happier healthy life isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

If you need help finding your way to a Healthier Happier & Balanced Lifestyle, we are here to help you navigate. Visit our website for more information or for our free worksheet on Kickstarting a Happier & Healthier Balanced Life

Beth Douglas is a fitness professional/life coach who has guided her clients to a healthier lifestyle as they navigate changes to their nutrition, exercise, and, most importantly, perspective. Recently, Beth launched EatFitLife to help more people via an online group setting.

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