New Resident at Carried to Full Term Moms & Babies Gets a Fresh Start

Mom-to-Be excited to start a new life with assistance from the Haymarket nonprofit


Alexis Greene, 22, arrived at Carried to Full Term house, Saturday, at 17 weeks pregnant.  Last week she was living in a shelter, her future uncertain. Today she feels hopeful and can envision a brighter tomorrow.

Carried To Full Term Moms & Babies in Haymarket is a supportive home for moms-to-be, new moms, their babies and children.  CTFT helps homeless women who are either pregnant or have newborns. It provides them not only with shelter, but with security, support, and skills training, so they can live independently within two years.

Last year, Greene was living with her cousin in Georgia. The house was full of cousins, aunts, and at least eight children at a given time. “There was a lot going on.” Wanting to make a fresh start, Greene moved to Newport News with some friends.

She was able to get a job in health and home care but left soon due to a lack of reliable transportation. She got pregnant right before her living situation became unstable. Her friends planned to get divorced and the wife left. The husband gave Alexis just two days to find a new place to live. Not knowing where to go, she stayed at a homeless shelter for two weeks but did not find it to be a stable environment. While there, she researched maternity homes.

Alexis found most homes to be at capacity, but then called Carried to Full Term Moms & Babies, a long-term residential facility.  CTFT got back to her “really fast,” said Alexis. They had one more spot in the house available. They bought her a train ticket, and she was on her way.

Arriving at the house on Saturday, Alexis felt “relieved.” She was now living in a nice house in a safe community with other young women in similar situations. She learned it is a place she can stay after her baby is born and she feels confident on her own.

CTFT is more than a maternity home. The grass-roots nonprofit in Haymarket was founded by Frances Robin, a local woman who is an immigrant from the Caribbean. Robin believes she had been called to a life of service. She especially wanted to help young women be successful in life no matter their beginnings, nor what obstacles have been thrown in their paths. 

Housed in a charming old home, Carried to Full Term provides a long-term residential living for pregnant women, new moms, and their children.  Its staff and volunteers provide women with the tools they need to be financially independent and work towards long-term goals.

CTFT moms receive mentors. The women attend practical classes, such as finance, nutrition, birthing, and childcare. They find work and must start saving. They cook for themselves and share chores and help each other with their children. The staff helps them find doctors and pediatricians.

Most of the food and daily needs are paid for. Moms can earn points through chores and classes to purchase items from the CTFT “boutique," which allows them to save more for when they move out. 

When coming to CTFT, moms receive a fresh start. Volunteers help them to  “reboot” by eliminating negative people through two months of limited phone access. They can still reach out to supportive friends and family members.

Volunteers and staff help moms find affordable daycare solutions and ways to afford college or training to meet their long-term goals.

CTFT is not solely a maternity home or crisis pregnancy center. It does not have a pro-birth agenda. Assistant Director Tiffany Brown describes the nonprofit's mission as “Pro Moms and Babies.” CTFT supports women who want to be moms despite their circumstances.

Brown said she remembers when maternity homes were places to hide young pregnant women away before they gave their babies up for adoption. This is not that. She loves that it provides women with options to be successful parents. 

While the home is only for women and children, CTFT encourages dads to take an active role. They offer couples classes and can get dads in touch with male mentors. 

CTFT appreciates the community’s support. If someone would like to make a small donation, she suggests giving something for the mom, or a gift certificate. They receive many baby items but the moms are often forgotten.  Monetary donations are most appreciated because the nonprofit can put them to use where it is most needed.

Right now, Carried to Full Term is looking for corporate and small business partnerships. For companies that sponsor the nonprofit, they will help connect and promote them with their wider support system of companies and individuals in the area. 

Brown is grateful that Carried to Full Term Moms and Babies is able to carry on with its mission. Funding is used for day-to-day operations, and soon they plan to expand to house and support more moms and babies. 

Alexis has just begun her journey at Carried to Full Term but she seems optimistic. She is looking for a job within walking distance of her new home. However, in the long term, she has bigger dreams for herself. She would like to go to college and after that law school. 

Visit Carried To Full Term Moms & Babies on their website to make a donation, become a sponsor, or volunteer your time or talents. 


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