New You Med Spa Was Designed with Health & Safety in Mind

Owner Paulina Connery inside New You Med Spa, Gainesville.

New You Med Spa in Gainesville was created with health and safety in mind. Clients no longer have to sacrifice those self-care services that keep them looking and feeling their best. NYMS is dedicated to safety just as much as it is to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Those who are hesitant about trying traditional spa or med spa treatments such as manicures, pedicures, facials, lashes, or UltraSlim® Body Sculpting & Skin Tightening procedures, should look at the NYMS difference.

Guests can resume their beauty services at NYMS, confident in knowing NYMS has prioritized health and safety from the beginning. They can also feel safe to try some of NYMS revolutionary transformative services such as UltraSlim ultraviolet touch-less procedures.

Manicure stations

Renowned beauty expert Paulina Connery designed New You Med Spa while the pandemic was already underway, so safety was always top of mind. Connery chose design features such as marble floors and leathery chairs that are both aesthetics pleasing and easy to clean and sanitize. The layout of the spa allows for comfortable social distancing.

  • Clients are required to wear masks at all time (except for facial & skin care services)
  • All surfaces are sterilized before and after services
  • In treatment rooms, linens are changed, tables and all surfaces are disinfected and sterilized with the UV-C Light following each client

The health protocols really go beyond masks, gloves, and hand sanitization, which all apart of NYMS procedures. Health inspectors said they were thoroughly impressed. The spa’s design far exceeded their requirements and expectations; it was like nothing they’ve seen before, said Connery.

“We use a hospital grade surface disinfectant and an air & light UV-C Machine to sterilize our spa, surfaces and equipment. All of our protocols create a safe work environment for our employees and a safe spa experience for our guests," she said.

Connery felt it was important to make certain NYMS adhere to medical standards, because it is a medical spa. Technicians wear clean lab coats and PPE. Areas are sanitized after every guest leaves. Three private rooms are available for UltraSlim procedures, waxings and facials.

Sterilization is also essential for estheticians’ services such as waxings, lashes and even manicures. At NYMS technicians are trained to employ procedures that kill both viruses and bacteria.

But while the physical environment is sterilized, the staff makes the experience, warm and inviting. Clear partitions at manicure station & pedicure stations allows the spa nail technician to safely chat with the client.

People enjoy the social interaction as much as the services. They are sometimes starved to get out of the house and talk to different people. Social interaction and client service-  it really is a part of the rejuvenating experience and people form a close relationship with their aestheticians!

Connery says people appreciate spa procedures more than ever. For many it has been a long, long time. Doing things for themselves, make them feel rejuvenated. It makes them feel happy and that is good for their mental health.

Spa treatments brings back a sense of beauty and style into a world of yoga pants. It can be transformative for the person inside and out. The experience helps people feel like themselves, again, only a little happier, lighter, and more confident.

“This pandemic has been a stressful time.  Working from home and fewer social activities has led to isolation. At New You Med Spa, you can escape that isolation in the safest way possible. It’s time to pamper yourself!”[/pullquote]

Connery invites everyone to have a relaxing spa experience. “This pandemic has been a stressful time.  Working from home and fewer social activities has led to isolation. At New You Med Spa, you can escape that isolation in the safest way possible. It’s time to pamper yourself!”

Clients are welcome to make an appointment or walk in for all services, except UltraSlim®Body Sculpting. New You Med Spa is located at 7482 Limestone Drive in Gainesville, Virginia (20155). Make your appointment at or call 571-248-0582.  Follow newyoumedspa on Facebook and New.You.Med.Spa on Instagram. 


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