OneLife Fitness Express Gainesville Gears Up for RYPT Small Group Training


OneLife members excited about small group workouts.

Big changes are coming to OneLife Fitness Express on Limestone Drive in Gainesville where the focus will be on small group Explosive Performance or “EP,” training, and its new program RYPT or “Reach Your Potential Together” training.

Until recently, OneLife Fitness Express has functioned as a traditional health club, having weight machines, free weights, circuit training center, and offering a variety of fitness classes. However, it was smaller than other OneLife Fitness facilities, thus “Express.”

Two Gainesville Locations

With the opening of larger OneLife Fitness Center at Heritage Plaza in Gainesville, the company has transformed the Gainesville fitness experience, allowing the two centers to work in unison.

The Heritage location has a large fitness floor for weight and cardio, and an expanded turf workout area; a Mind/Body studio and Virtual Cycle studio; an indoor salt-water lap pool, whirlpool, sauna and spa-inspired locker room. Additionally, they offer specialized training programs.

OneLife Express members participate in strength building workout.

The club also offers Kidz Klub sitting service and babysitting nights and additional children’s programs.

Now, Heritage Hunt members will also have access to Limestone classes.

This new system allows OneLife the best of both worlds as OneLife Express offers small group fitness and athletic classes training for less than many specialty gyms.

The Express gym will also continue to offer strength training and aerobic machines for those who choose to workout on their own, with a friend or personal trainer.

Small Group Fitness & Athletic Training

As of February 2019, OneLife has renovated and repurposed its Gainesville Express location specifically for strength and athletic training.

OneLife Fitness hired manager Scott McAlee to oversee the repurposed fitness center. McAlee has worked in the fitness and athletic training industry and runs his won CrossFit facility in Haymarket.

He is excited about the transition and calls it a boutique gym where he hopes to create “a fitness community within a fitness community.”

Mainly he is excited about the center’s RYPT program, “Reach Your Potential Together” and small group Explosive Performance classes.

The RYPT program incorporates “muscle confusion” and “muscle endurance.” Trainers work different muscles coupling it with cardio to increase heart rates.

"It’s “higher intensity and will include strength, conditioning and corrective exercises all overseen by certified personal trainers," said McAlee.“The emphasis is on variety." Trainers aim to maximize results and keep the workouts fun.

“It’s for everyone regardless of age or skill level,” said McAlee. “It’s not just moving for the sake of moving.”

Having a trainer within a small group means a safer, more personalized fitness experience. The classes will be capped at 10 people so that trainers know all participants and give them their full attention.

McAlee expects the small group atmosphere will also motivate participants.

RYPT "Reach Your Potential Together," is small group training designed to be fun, motivational and effective.

“It’s comradery. It’s friendships. When you know everyone’s name, and you guys are sweating together, it makes the experience that much more fun,” he said.

The classes are being offered for highly competitive rates. They start at $79 per month and members receive unlimited access to RYPT classes for $185 per month.

OneLife is also offering EP for athletic training for groups, such as school athletics teams. McAlee also plans to start a Tough Mudder Race ® training group as the event is being held in Haymarket this year.

OneLife Express will be including nutrition advice and free workshops for all of its members.

McAlee invites new and existing members to stop in to find out about EP training and sample a class, or purchasing a gym membership.

Contact OneLife Fitness Express Gainesville at 571-261-6100 or email McAlee at


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