OPINION: Still Living Up to His Example One Year Later


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Updated: June 19, 7 a.m.

As I celebrated my first Father's Day with my daughter Eva last year, I hoped to honor my father, Irwin Shaw, with the following article.

One year into fatherhood, I can admit that I've got a long way to go to become the man my father was, but more and more becomes clear as I build a relationship with my daughter throughout her life.

(I also learned that my father was a saint and I have it extremely easy. Thank you Eva!)

The words I wrote last year ring even more true today.

Original Story:

When my father passed years ago, I really never thought I'd appreciate Father's Day again. That was until the birth of my first child last month.

I have often heard stories of how my father sat with me as I cried all night, nearly losing his job due t0 exhaustion. Ultimately, he started his own business, so that he could continue to grow close to his newborn son.

Fortunately, Eva sleeps through the night and I already own my own business, but I still see fatherhood through my dad's eyes.

I remember the many times Dad ditched work to take me to a Met's game, coach my baseball team, launch model rockets or build a Yogi Bear snowman.

Staring at my daughter, I find myself contemplating the father I will become.

Will I give her the right advice?

Will I keep my mouth shut when she needs me to?

Will I be there for all her important moments?

Will I playfully embarrass her in public just for sport?

Will I continue to toil for hours on her scout project, even though I realized she left hours ago to go read comic books. (Do kids still read comics?)

Will I be proud of her, no matter what she says or does.

Will I live up to the example my father set?

Thank you Dad, and all the countless other fathers I have known, for answering these questions without ever saying a word.

Like Irwin Shaw, Eva will be first in my thoughts and actions, always.

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