Private PPO Health Plans Can Save Money, Offer Better Coverage Options

Michael Baumstark health insurance agent for Northern Virginia.
What you don’t know CAN hurt you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could still purchase useful and more (actually) affordable health insurance like the “old days”? Here is the best kept secret in America - you can! There are limited agents in the U.S. who are licensed and authorized to sell you traditional underwritten health coverage plans. Michael Baumstark, a health insurance agent in Warrenton, Virginia, is one of those agents. The Affordable Care Act changed the way people bought and sold health insurance. Rather than sitting down with an agent and choosing the best policy for your age, health, lifestyle and budget, your choices were limited. Instead, people had to choose from Bronze, Gold, Silver or Platinum plans. For most people, their health insurance plans ended up costing more after 2009. Yes, everyone qualifies, but at what cost? Low income people in poor health could get very low rates. However, millions of American families and small business owners found themselves paying thousands more for their health insurance. Others found it cost-prohibitive to purchase health insurance at all. Even business health coverage groups became part of the ACA government plans.

“Good News About Your Health Coverage.”[/pullquote]

You are probably aware of auto insurance companies that give you better rates if you have a good driving record along with other factors. You probably did not know that this is still possible for your health coverage. You can get better coverages many times at lower cost based on your health! So, no matter what you have heard about limitations on health coverage, there are new great options. Mike calls this “Good News About Your Health Coverage.” While he cannot guarantee everyone will save on a new plan, Mike will objectively and truthfully advise people on their best options. They may be able to change their plan or may need to stay with an ACA plan. The difference is you get the right information to make a choice! “Private PPO Plans Can Save $$ and Give Better Coverage!"[/pullquote] Mike was in the finance field as a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) for more than 20-years. Before that he was a U.S. Navy Officer, Intelligence officer and helicopter pilot. He loves helping local families and small businesses find great insurance and save money. Mike will offer you the advice you need. A consultation by phone is free. Having an objective health coverage advisor on your side is important. Everyone needs health insurance. Why overpay? Give Mike a call at 703-887-3636 or visit Mike’s website at


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