The Prince William County School Board will review start time options at their June 16 meeting

How Should PWCS Order Its HS, MS & ES Start Times

What bells schedule do you prefer for High School, Middle School and elementary PWCS students?

  • Standard start times: HS, MS, ES

  • Have ES begin earliest, then MS and last HS.

  • Delay standard start times, keeping current order. No one starts earlier than 8:30

  • HS & MSl start together (hiring new bus drivers and adding new buses) no earlier than 8:30 a.m., ES starting earlier

  • Reverse order so the ES starts first, then MS, and HS, but no one starts before 8 a.m.

  • Standard order: HS, MS, ES, no one starts before 8 a.m.

Are school start times all wrong? Teenagers are going to be late, having trouble getting up early.  While learning from home, school start times were adjusted to better suit their needs. 

Staggered bus prevent the most ideal schedule for all students, so compromises will have to be made. 

Would you like to see a change to Prince William County Schools start times? Does this affect you as a parent, students, teacher, bus driver, coach or other employee? Maybe this affects your business  if you specialize in before and after school programs.

PWCS will present three alternate bell schedule options before the school board on June 16. Even if they won't be voted upon immediately; the school division is beginning to explore new options. 

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