IN³ Gainesville Event Energizes Small Business Owners

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Husband and wife team Daniel and Nicole Ratner. (Photo by Mariana Azuero of BelaJuli Photography.)

Entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to reach potential clients while taking advantage of the latest technology. Business seminars called IN³ “Independent, Inspired, Invited,” by The Next Steps, LLC offers local small business owners assistance in achieving those goals.

IN³ held a sold-out training and networking event for small business owners, March 17, focused on creating effective social media strategies and nurturing a positive, productive relationship with money. The event was held in the conference/dining room of the Stonewall Golf Club in Gainesville.

The event attracted many local female business owners in a variety of professions: those new to the profession, those looking to take that next step, those looking to enhance their social media presence. Some were in direct sales, others were independent sales consultants, and some were independent business owners selling either goods and services.

IN³  is the brainchild of Nicole and Daniel Ratner. Nicole founded The Next Steps, LLC, in 2014, which is focused on helping nonprofits attract and retain member, grow and generate revenue. Her husband Daniel joined the team in 2016.

The Ratners launched IN³ conferences in 2017, blending their passion for helping small business owners and education. “I also wasn’t finding a face to face conferences like this in our area,” said Nicole, who resided in Alexandria until 2016.

The “spring” conference is the third has IN³ conference held since The Next Steps, LLC launched this particular type of event. The first focused on personal growth, marketing and social media; the second money, growth and processes; and the third, on social media and people’s relationships with money.

“Though we may touch upon the same topics,” said Nicole, she explained that many of those topics, such as social media, are ever evolving. She also polls small business owners to what interests them.

Most recently, IN³  guest speakers were Rita Goodroe, Founder of Women’s Business Garden and Lisa Nicholls of Tira! Strategies.

“Rita Goodroe, of ‘Rita Made Me Do It’ spoke for us at our second event, and she’s an amazing presenter,” said Nicole. “She wanted to come back, and I was more than happy to have her back. She has so many topics in her arsenal, and I could listen to her talk all day!”

Nicole asked her to talk about having a positive relationship with money, saying “at the root of all things as business owners we want to make money and have a healthy relationship with it.”

Goodroe, who was once a dating columnist and coach, looks at one’s interactions and feeling about money in terms of a relationship. She hopes to get people to realize their negative habits and transform them.

“Our relationship with money is one of the most important relationships we have. Yet, we tolerate things in that relationship that we’d NEVER tolerate in a relationship with people!” Goodroe says on her website.

Many attendees had heard about Rita and were excited to hear her speak.

“It’s my first networking conference,” said Myles of Academy Travel. “I want to hear Rita speak in person. I took a business class with her.”

Many specifically attended to learn more about social media marketing, which is why IN³ invited social media guru Lisa Nicholls.

“As for Lisa Nicholls, I had recently done one of her online visibility courses and it truly helped our company and my social media presence,” said Nicole. “It’s something that our attendees wanted to know more about. How do I make it simpler to manage my business presence on social media?”

With so many social media platforms, people wonder where to start, or if they are marketing effectively. Nicholls advises starting with just one or two platforms and posting short, engaging, interactive pieces, including photos and sometimes short videos.

“Know where your audience is,” she said. Nicholls explained having an engaged community is better than having a big audience.

People were happy with the experience.

“IN³ is a great networking event. I love meeting local small business owners and learning about how to improve my own business. It is just the right mixture of fun and informative.

IN3 Attendee Crystal Burnham (Photo by Mariana Azuero of BelaJuli Photography.)

“I recommend IN³! It was upbeat, had a good pace, speakers were great. Enjoyed the location and value was terrific. Thank you!” said one woman.

“The presentations were thought provoking and gave me an action plan that I could implement immediately. I left feeling good about the connections I made with other like-minded women, the confidence to implement new ideas and a plan to help me get to where I want to be,” said another attendee.

Attendees were also treated to a small breakfast, lunch and professional head-shots by Mariana Azuero of BelaJuli Photography, Woodbridge, Virginia.

Those interested in contact Nicole about IN³ or The Next Step, LLC can email her at or The Ratners also produce a podcast: and an online “Meminar” at

This is not a sponsored post. Bristow Beat did receive a complimentary invitation to the spring IN³ event.

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