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UPDATE: Prince William Office of Elections Releases List of Candidates for Local Elections

| March 6, 2015 | 0 Comments | News


Updated Mar. 6, 2015: Three changes were made to the list candidates for local elections in Prince William County according to Diana Dutton, Administrative Manager of Elections for the Office of Elections

Commonwealth Attorney Paul Ebert (D) announced he would run again for his position. He is being challenged by Occoquan district Supervisors Michael May (R).

Ebert has served as Prince William’s Commonwealth attorney since 1968. He is a past president of the Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Association, past President of the Prince William County Bar Association, Founder and First Chairman of the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Services Council.

Additionally, Ryan Sawyers has registered to run against Timothy Singstock for School Board Chairman, the seat currently held by Milton Johns. Sawyers said he is not ready to officially announce his candidacy at this point, although he has signed up as a candidate, should he officially decide to run.

Terrance Boulden, Editor and Chief of the Virginia Virtucon and Chairman of the Prince William Area Young Republicans, removed his bid for Woodbridge Supervisor.

Finally, John Price announced his run for the Soil & Water Conservation District.

After receiving an email from Sawyers, we learned that he is not prepared to officially announce his candidacy. 

Original Article: 

The Prince William Office of Elections has released its list of candidates who have filed to run for various local elections. However, the list may be incomplete. According to Diana Dutton, Administrative Manager of Elections for the Office of Elections, there is still time for new candidates to register with her office.

So far, the list does not provide much choice for Brentsville and Gainesville citizens, whose representatives are currently running unopposed.

Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson (R), who won in a special election against two candidates in late December, is now running unopposed. Lawson ran on smart growth in the county, growing the business economy and being a fiscal conservative.

Republican Peter Candland, who is finishing his first term as Gainesville Supervisor, is also running unopposed. Candland shook up the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) making changes, such as eliminating the discretionary fund. He continues to be the Board’s strongest fiscal conservative and fights for oversight and transparency.

Likewise, on the Prince William School Board, members Gil Trenum (Brentsville) and Alyson Satterwhite (Gainesville) are both the sole candidates for their respective districts. Trenum joined the school board in 2008. He has also been a fiscal conservative while bringing new, much needed schools into the Brentsville district to help alleviate overcrowding. Satterwhite has also looked out for fiscal transparency within PWCS while being responsive to both students and parents.

In the Virginia General Assembly, there are four candidates contending to become Senator of the 29th District, currently held by Sen. Charles “Chuck” Colgan (D). The three Democratic candidates are State Delegate Michael Futrell from Virginia’s 2nd District; Jeremy McPike, the Prince William native who worked for the City of Alexandria; and Atif Qarni, the former Marine and Prince William school teacher who challenged Bob Marshall for the House of Delegates. They will run against Republican and Mayor of the City of Manassas, Harry J. ‘Hal” Parrish II, a veteran and local businessman.

In the House of Delegates, Donald Shaw II (D) is running against long-time incumbent Robert Marshall (R) for the 13th District. Shaw was a contender for Brentsville Supervisor early in the race before deciding to run for the House of Delegates instead. He is a Gainesville resident, veteran and holds a Master of Science in Information Management. Marshall is currently serving his 11th term in the house. He is a defender of traditional marriage in Virginia and a champion of property rights.

Also noteworthy, with Milton Johns retiring as School Board Chairman At-large, Timothy M. Singstock was the only candidate currently vying for Johns’ position, before Ryan Sawyers registered as a candidate* Singstock is a former U.S. Army Captain and an enrolled agent accountant. He currently lives in Montclair.

Two candidates have registered to run against current Chairman Corey Stewart (R): Republican Chris Crawford and Democrat Richard Smith III. Crawford is running on a platform of cleaning up unmanaged growth in the county. He worked with the Department of Defense on “the Global War on Terrorism.” Smith is a Senior Director of Networking Services for the American Bankers Association. He also serves on the Board of the Hylton Performing Arts Center.

Meanwhile, Stewart is running for his third term as Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors. Among his accomplishments as Chairman he lists the county achieving a AAA bond rating, receiving national recognition for the nation’s toughest crackdown on illegal immigration and a 35 percent drop in violent crime in the county. Stewart is an international trade attorney.

*If a link was not included for a candidate, it is because that candidate did not have an active campaign website at the time of publication. 

Here is the list of local candidates:

Austin B. Haynes, Jr. (R)
Michele B. McQuigg (R) *

Commonwealth’s Attorney (2015)
Michael C. May (R)
Paul Ebert (D)*

Sheriff (2015)
Glendell Hill (R)*
Michael W. Messier (R)

Senate (2015)
13th District
Richard Black (R)*
28th District
Richard Stuart (R)*
29th District
Michael T. Futrell (D)
Jeremy S. McPike (D)
Harry J. “Hal” Parrish II (R)
Atif M. Qarni (D)
36th District
Gerald M. Foreman II (R)
Scott A. Surovell (D)
39th District
George Barker (D)*

House (2015)
2nd District
  Rod Hall (D)
Mark Dudenhefer (R)
13th District
  Robert Marshall (R)*
Donald B. Shaw II (D)
31st District
  L. Scott Lingamfelter (R)*
40th District
  Timothy Hugo (R)*
Jerry Foltz (D)
50th District
  Jackson Miller (R)*
51st District
  Richard Anderson (R)*
52nd District
  Luke Torian (D)*
87th District
  David Ramadan (R)*

BOCS Chairman (2015)
Chris M. Crawford (R)
Richard H. Smith III (D)
Corey A. Stewart (R)*

BOCS (2015)
• Brentsville
Jeanine Lawson (R)*
• Coles
Martin E. Nohe (R)*
Paul O’Meara, Jr. (R)
• Potomac
Andrea O. Bailey (D)
Maureen Caddigan (R)*
Derrick Wood (D)
• Gainesville
Peter Candland (R)*
• Occoquan
Ruth M. Anderson (R)
Earnie Porta (D)
Donald E. Scoggins (R)
• Neabsco
John Jenkins (D)*
• Woodbridge
Stephen H. Chapman (R)
Leland E. Price (R)
Frank J. Principi (D)*

School Board Chairman (2015)
Timothy M. Singstock
Ryan Sawyers

School Board (2015)
• Brentsville
Gil Trenum*
• Coles
Willie Deutsch
• Potomac
Betty Covington *
Justin D. Wilk
• Gainesville
Alyson Satterwhite*
• Occoquan
Lillie Jessie*
John Gray
• Neabsco
Lisa Bell*
• Woodbridge
Loree Williams*

Soil & Water Conservation District
John B. Price

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