Tom & Suzie’s NY Bagel Deli Opens Saturday in Bristow

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At long last, Tom and Susan Badolato will open Tom & Suzie's NY Bagel Deli to the public, Saturday April 18. Photo by Jason Shaw

At long last, Tom and Susan Badolato will open Tom & Suzie’s NY Bagel Deli to the public, Saturday April 18. Photo by Jason Shaw

The much anticipated Tom & Suzie’s NY Bagel Deli in Bristow Commons (at the corner of Linton Hall Road and Devlin Road)  is opening its doors for business Saturday, April 18 at 7 a.m.

If Tuesday afternoon’s flash bagel giveaway was any indication of the turnout, owners/operators Tom and Susan Badolato, will soon be trading one kind of dough for another.

“If [Tuesday] was any sign of what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks, it will be busy, busy,” said Tom, who posted the bagel giveaway at approximately 3 p.m. on their Facebook page and then watched six dozen bagels walk out the door within minutes.

It was eye opening for the couple.

“I didn’t realize how many people have been waiting for something like this in this area,” Susan said.

The Badolatos who aspired to bring a true New York style bagel shop and deli to Bristow since spring of 2014, hoped to open their doors in November. When construction was delayed at their location they waited out the winter.

For the last few months, they practically lived at the deli, spending 18-hour frenzied days, working with contractors to get everything in place.

“We’re really ready, guys. It’s been a long road,” Susan said.

Now, the shop is ready down to the smallest details, such as photos of family members and New York Giants and Islanders sports paraphernalia hanging on the walls. The walls area also adorned with photos of first responders and military heroes, who the Badolatos plan to welcome.

“This is as close to New York as we can make it,” Susan said, explaining that the dough and water comes directly from Brooklyn. The result is big, fluffy, tasty bagels that are indistinguishable from those made along the Hudson River.

Tom and Susan Badolato worked tirelessly for months to open their store for the already loyal customer base they've developed on social media. Photo by Jason Shaw

Tom and Susan Badolato worked tirelessly for months to open their store for the already loyal customer base they’ve developed on social media. Photo by Jason Shaw

At their deli counter, they’ll craft their 14 soon-to-be signature sandwiches with Boar’s Head cold cuts. They’ll also sells meat by weight at a price they say is better than that of the local grocery stores.

In front of the bagel bar, customers can expect traditional bagel shop stables: an array of cream cheeses, lox and white fish, knishes and bialys. Italian deli offerings include hot dishes: sausage and peppers, meatball parm and lasagna. For something sweeter, they sell restaurant grade gourmet pastries including Danishes and bear claws.

But not everything at Tom & Suzie’s is traditional. In addition to staples like plain, salt, onion and everything bagels, they will be mixing it up combining unique flavors such as salt and garlic. They also plan to be adventurous with the cream cheeses with at least one specialty flavor per week such as strawberry or chocolate chip.

In the morning hours, they expect to be busy grilling up bagel breakfast sandwiches, such as bacon, egg and cheese, and including pork rolls, a New Jersey favorite.

On weekdays, the deli will open at 5 a.m., so even the earliest commuters can have hot bagel sandwiches on their way to work. The store will stay open until 2 p.m., unless they find the community spurs them to stay open later. They will continue to open at 7 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Tom and Susan have no idea how busy they might be, but they are prepared. They have hired a staff of 10, who they are meticulously training. Apparently it is a place teens want to work. In fact, while Bristow Beat was on the premises conducting the interview, two more young women stopped in to request job applications.

“[The students] have been amazing. The community has been amazing,” Susan said.

With so many small businesses that struggle, Tom and Susan feel very grateful to be opening to such fanfare. It makes all of their hard work seem worthwhile. Just as the community is excited to finally have a bagel shop, they are excited to launch the business they dreamed about and made a reality.

“It is our heart and soul that is coming into the place,” she said.

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