Victory Lakes Residents Donate Halloween Pumpkins to Feed Farm Animals

Sheryl French delivers pumpkins to Hope & Serenity Farm Sanctuary.

This week in Victory Lakes the community provided well over 100 pumpkins, both carved and un-carved, to local farms for animal feed instead of putting them in the trash for the landfill.

“I have donated my pumpkins the past few years to farmers on the Nokesville Community Facebook page,” said Victory Lakes resident Sheryl French. “This year I thought it would be nice to help get more of the community involved.”

First, she asked on the Nokesville Community page who was collecting pumpkins, then she posted on her community page, telling folks to put their pumpkins by the curb on Tuesday, the day after trash day.

“The response was overwhelming. Most people who were ready to get rid of their pumpkins said they’d love to participate,” French said. “It’s so much better to support our farms than simply throw them in the trash.”

Pumpkins went to Running Creek Farm, Hayfield Farm, Hall Farm and Hope & Serenity Farm Sanctuary. Two farmers came out on Tuesday and collected about 40 pumpkins. On Wednesday, she and her husband Mike went around with our trailer and picked up the rest. “I didn’t count them, but well over 100,” French said.

At the end of the week, French plans to take the remaining pumpkins to the Hope & Serenity Farm Sanctuary in Nokesville.

French plans to hold another collect right after Thanksgiving “to get the pumpkins people are hanging onto for fall decorations.”

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