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Linton Hall School Student Gift Holiday Delights to Police Officers

| December 20, 2016 | 0 Comments | Education
Linton Hall 8th graders stand with Prince William Police Officers during roll call at the Western District Precinct.

Linton Hall 8th graders stand with Prince William Police Officers during roll call at the Western District Precinct.

By Stacy Shaw

Linton Hall School’s eighth grade students and parents donated home-baked “Holiday Delights” to the Prince William Police at their western station.

Holiday Delights include holiday cookies, nuts and hot cocoa mix, baked by eighth grade parents and students, and sold to members of the Linton Hall School community. Holiday Delights is one of several eighth grade fundraisers to help students pay for graduation-year events such as a party and a field trip to Boston.

The holiday treats were Linton Hall School’s way of thanking the officers for all the good work they do for the community.

Eighth grade parent Dina Gledhill organized the baking, beginning as far back as July, and held tasting parties in October, so parents could decide which cookies they preferred.  Growing up in Youngtown, Ohio, Gledhill remembers her parents and their friends baking a wide-variety of treats inspired by their heritage. To keep the tradition alive, Gledhill baked Italian cookies from her family’s recipes and Swedish treats from a friend’s.

Students set out trays of goodies.

Students set out trays of goodies.

“I got the idea that we should share these recipes here,” Gledhill said, explaining many had been passed down for generations.  She thought it was a great way to infuse the baking with cultural appreciation, which was a theme that ran through many of their fundraisers this year.

The students actively participated in the fundraiser with their parents. Some assisted with baking; all worked after school to tray cookies, package nuts and adorn the displays with bows and accents. Students enjoyed staying after school, and working in the kitchen with their classmates. The result was professional looking, delicious treats.

“It was really fun because instead of all our parents paying in full [to an outside company], it put us to work, and it brought us all closer,” said eighth grade student Sanaa Phinizy. Through the bake sale, the students also learned about the various aspects of running a business

In the Christmas spirit, parents wanted to donate the cookies to the larger community as well. According to eighth grade mom Mary Stern, they decided to donate to the  police officers to show their appreciation at a time when violence against police has been well publicized.

Parent Mary Stern talks with Lt. Eliene Welsh and Cpt.

Parent Mary Stern talks with Lt. Eileen Welsh and Cpt.

The Holiday Delights order form listed an item to purchase that said “Special Gift to the PWC Police – Thank the PWC Police for all they do to keep us safe!” Over 30 trays of cookies were purchased by the Linton Hall School families for donation.

At 4 p.m., Wednesday, the students presented the Holiday Treats to the officers during evening roll call.

One officer dove right in, tearing off the plastic wrap immediately. Some the tasty-looking treats would make dieting more of a challenge.

Lt. Eileen Welsh said the officers do sometimes receive treats during the holidays. “But, not of this size. Sometimes people will drop off cookies or donuts.”

Welsh welcomed the students, and thanked Linton Hall School eighth grade families for their gift.

“We’re very proud of their efforts both to put the trays together and to bring a little Christmas cheer,” Welsh said.

Students and parents present the Holiday Delight treats to the officers.

Students and parents present the Holiday Delight treats to the officers.

The students said it felt great to reach out to the officers and show their appreciation

“It felt good to contribute, especially in our last year,” said student Cecilia Jones.

Students explained that they have participated in several Linton Hall School events that allowed them to give back to the community. One that came to mind was Comfort Cases, in which they packed care-packages of backpacks, pajamas and toiletries to foster children.

They said that it makes them feel good to do something for others.

Linton Hall School is a Catholic school for preschool through eighth-grade children and is a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia.


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