Patriot HS Grows 9/11 1st Responder Breakfast

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Culinary students prepare breakfast for first responders on Sept. 11, 2018. (Photo by Emily Stevenson)

Patriot High Schools 9/11 recognition ceremony and culinary breakfast for first responders seems to grow every year, involving more and more students.

Last week, in addition to the culinary feast and marching band performance, Prince William’s first responders were treated to a select choir performance accompanied by a sign language translation by students and a string performance.

Patriot High School annually recognizes first responders, police and firefighters with breakfast and performances by the students each year on Sept. 11th.

As she has done for several years, Chef Emily Stevenson had her culinary classes prepare a breakfast including homemade quiche, sausage and gravy and bagels with homemade butter and cream cheese.

“I think it was really special for us to do this to give back to those who give to us, especially today,” said Patriot culinary student Elle Hwang.

The entire Patriot marching band, led by band teacher Dereck Ramsey, set up in the auditorium due to the rain. The large band spanned the perimeter of the equally expansive theater while playing patriotic music.

The Patriot Ensemble select choir performed “God Bless America” and “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the country’s national anthem, under the direction of music teacher Liz Selby.

Violinists Emma Christine Morgan and Charlotte Tsang, two of Cheryl Seamster’s most advanced string students, played for 45 minutes in the cafeteria, setting the mood for the first responders.

Patriot Band performance 2018

First responders who attended appreciated the program and breakfast.

“It was great…absolutely out of this world,” said firefighter technician Erika Perez.

“I’m very thankful for what the school did as far as recognizing public safety, police and fire,” said firefighter Kevin Dewhurst. “They do this every year, and we’re very appreciative.”

Everyone said they remembered where they were on that tragic day in September. Most were not first responders at the time, but Lt. Harry Wood was.

“Our department sent crews to the Pentagon, said Wood, and one of his associates lost his father,” Wood said.  “It kind of hit close to home for a lot of us.”

Superintendent Dr. Steven Walts, who attends the event almost every year, praised Patriot’s students and teachers for their performances.

“I thought it was outstanding for students” Walts said, noting they had not been personally affected about that day, but have learned about it, and now can participate in giving back to first responders.

He also praised the performances from those in the musical departments and their teachers and enjoyed the breakfast as well.

“Such an impressive culinary arts program,” he said, noting they cater similar functions throughout the year, and he always enjoys their food.

Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson and former Virginia Delegate Rich Anderson, who is a retired Navy Admiral, were also in attendance.

“Dr. Bishop had invited me simply because they were asking first responders,” said Anderson, who added he had often come to Patriot to teach students about the legislative process.

Anderson said the school really shows its spirit and respect for veterans.“It’s a great school. They don’t call it Patriot High School for nothing.”

The 9/11 attacked occurred 17 years ago, before many of the Patriot students were even born, yet they grew up in a new reality in which the event loomed large over their childhood, making them eager to honor police and firefighters.

Stevenson shared the many exciting things happening in her program and thanked Patriot Principal, Dr. Michael Bishop for supporting teachers and students and making these kinds of events possible.

“None of this would have happened without Dr. Bishop. His vision has been all about these students. That hasn’t wavered since day one,” she said.

Culinary photos courtesy of Emily Stevenson. Band photos by Stacy Shaw of Bristow Beat. 

© 2018, Bristow Beat. All rights reserved.

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