Sea Lions Hope to Swim with Sharks, Emerge Victorious

Sea Lion girl swims the butterfly in the meet against the Piedmont Tsunamis last week. While parents braved the heat last weekend, the eight lane pool at Dominion Valley promises a quicker meet.

As summer progresses, swimmers become more competitive about their sport, and coaches know where their talents lie and what hopes they have to progress to a higher division.

The Kingsbrooke Sea Lions of Bristow are now an even two and two in dual meets, having defeated Piedmont and the Bridlewood, but having lost to Braemar and Victory Lakes.

“I’ve been really happy with the season so far,” said Head Coach Tessa Jarrett. “Everyone’s been dropping time every week. Really consistent time drops too. Everyone has just been swimming their butts off, especially last week.”

Last week the Sea Lions beat the Piedmont Tsunamis; a significant win, since the Tsunamis are ranked a division above the Sea Lions. Jarrett interprets the win as evidence of her team’s potential, and she expects her swimmers to perform well in the season’s last two dual meets.

She also speaks to the fact that DQs or disqualifications are down by 70 percent since last year, mainly because the coaches have been focusing on technique. This should help more swimmers score points for their team.

Finally, Jarrett also sites relay races, which have won the Sea Lions consistently high placements within the league, as evidence of her team’s depth of fast swimmers across all age groups.

Among the 15-18  year-old group, Nathan Brown is team’s strongest swimmer. Brown is a year-round swimmer, and he will be competing at University of Maryland in a championship swim meet this weekend. Of the teen girls, 18- year-old Anna Lee Gallagher is an adept freestyle and backstroke competitor who has been swimming with the Sea Lions since she was seven.

Swim is king in Sea Lions country, where people take their swim team seriously. Last Saturday the club house grounds were packed with parents, despite temperatures reaching above 100 degrees.

Of the 13-14 year-old boys, Shane Kordalski has the others beat in freestyle by two seconds or more, while Peyton Pohzehl is the best girl in her age group in all events. Ryan Hutchinson, of 11-12 boys, just broke a record in the 50 backstroke set back in 2005.

Although the Sea Lions have a host of talented female swimmers in the 11-12 age group, Coach Jarrett and Assistant Coach Daniela Sinner said Jasmine Frank stands out as the most dedicated. She is also among their top placers in butterfly and free.

“Jasmine, she sometimes goes to the older kids’ practice. She’ll try to double up,” Sinner said.

Of the 9-10 boys, Jarrett said Adam Demarees “is seeded first every week even against other teams.” Whereas Lindsey Blake, “is good at everything.” Among the eight and under boys, Josh Hochard placed first last year in freestyle for the league.

However, it is the eight and under girls who show the most depth. Abby Daniels dominated free and breast stoke for her team, while Kaylee Benton shone in backstroke and butterfly. Meanwhile, Brook Hopkins is right on their tails.

“Anything could happen,” within this age group, Jarrett said.

Although some of the best teen swimmers in the league will be absent next week to attend the championships in Maryland, most of the Sea Lions are gearing up to face Dominion Valley  Sharks in their water today.

While Jarrett said the Sharks are a good team, she believes her swimmers will be ready for them.





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