Nokesville has its first Doctor’s Office in over 60 years

Dr. Bill checks the heart beat of his neighbor Jane Cubbon from Daffodil Quilts and Fibers.

Dr. Bill Barrere has recently opened a new general medical practice at 13057 Fitzwater Drive in Nokesville called Nokesville Medicine. It is the only doctor’s office located in Nokesville.

Barrere is from Ohio, but came to Northern Virginia after graduating from medical school in 2002 to practice medicine at some urgent care clinics in the area. He has worked in Front Royal, Fairfax and spent his last three years in D.C.

“We’ve lived in Nokesville for the last four years, and the commute was getting kind of old,” said Barrere, so he looked to open a private practice closer to home. He thought it was time that Nokesville had its own doctor’s office.

“There hasn’t been a doctor here since WWII. The area is growing,” Barrere said. Plus the close-to-home location gives him more time to spend with his young son and family. “My commute is a 5-minute drive,” he said.

He thinks the location is convenient, not just for those living in Nokesville, but those in Bristow, and parts of Gainesville, Manassas and Warrenton as well, since they can drive against traffic for their appointments.

Knowing many people have a long commute, he also stays open longer. He sets aside time each day to schedule same day appointments, and he schedules enough time between appointments so he has enough time talk with and get to know each of his patients.

Dr. Barrere chose a cheerful yet soothing atmosphere for his check up rooms at Nokesville Medicine.

“I spent an hour with a person this morning,” Barrere said. “Even as we get busy, I book new patients for an hour. I don’t want to do the 15 minute bam, bam, bam thing.”

Barrere said people are tired of the overcrowded, rushed model of general medicine, so he expects they’ll respond to another way of providing health care, one that’s more traditional, but also responds to 21st century concerns for wellness care.

“It’s old fashioned, general practice, country doc kind of thing,” said Barrere, who many just refer to as “Dr. Bill.” And like a real country doc, he even provides the occasional house call for a patient whose illness makes it difficult for him or her to travel to his office.

Barrere said “it’s fantastic” to be able to spend more time with each patient. “Most people live right around here; they’re my neighbors.”

And with more time, he can ask many of the pertinent questions that will help him to provide his patients with the best care. Questions such as: What do you do for work? What do you do for exercise?

“We get a little bit more background information,” he said.

It is important because he can advise people on how to improve their health, and also get a better read on what could be causing their illness.

Dr. Bill Barrere takes time to consult with each patient.

He also wants to address some of the preventable illnesses that plague people due to the way they live. He said that many people experience high levels of stress in Northern Virginia, but there are also people who could eat better or quit smoking. Working with a doctor provides a little incentive to become healthier.

However, he said he is not so into wellness care that he does not first treat the illness at hand. He said when people come in for a runny nose they want that doctor to treat their cold, not lecture them about their diet or life style. That is why Barrere might ask them to follow up with a wellness visit.

Yet, he said people would be surprised how much healthier they could be just by changing their life style habits. It is one way to reduce medication, which he’d rather patients not become too reliant on, since it can lead to other health problems.

At Nokesville Medicine, Barrere provides physicals and can diagnose and treat minor illnesses like cold, flu, allergies and bacterial infections. He can do stitches for minor cuts and help patients manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and asthma. He can also provide tests for strep, rapid flu, mono, urinary tract infections and pregnancy.

For other, more specialized medical care, Nokesville Medicine can provide referrals to specialists in the field.

The country doctor’s office still looks bright and modern.

Barrere said that being available for his patients is top priority, so he plans on extending his hours as it becomes necessary.

Nokesville Medicine is currently working with various insurance companies such as United Health Care, Aetna, Signa, Tri-Care Standard and Medicaid. They are in the process of having Medicare approved. He also works to keep his prices affordable.

In his personal life, Barrere said he enjoys time with his family and bike riding.

To make an appointment, call 571-781-0025, or visit

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