Bristow Rock Climber Charged with Manslaughter at Carderock

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Warren County Police photo

A Bristow man is accused of killing a friend with a claw hammer while rock climbing at Carderock Park near Bethesda, Maryland. He claims he acted in self-defense.

David DiPaolo, 31, was charged with manslaughter, after being arrested by the U.S. Park Police who found him in New York on Thursday.

The victim is 69-year-old Geoffrey D. Farrar of Arlington, a close friend and climbing buddy of the accused.

According to the two men went rock climbing with some other friends at Carderock Park on the afternoon of Dec. 28, 2013. At one point Farrar and DiPaolo stayed below as their other friends walked to the top of a cliff to anchor their ropes.

When the two climbers walked back down, they told police they saw DiPaolo running away. They called his name, but he did not respond and kept running. After going around a turn, they found Farrar lying against a wooden beam with blood pouring from his skull.

Farrar was lifted to Suburban Hospital via helicopter and died later that day.

Police believed DiPaolo fled the scene in his mini-van. New York State Troopers arrested him Thursday, after police had traced a phone call he made from a pay phone.

After the arrest, DiPaolo told police that he and Farrar had an argument and Farrar began to choke him. When he felt he was beginning to lose consciousness, DiPaolo said he remembers picking up a nearby claw hammer, one of their climbing tools.

“I’m sorry this happened. I didn’t want it to happen. I didn’t know it was going to happen,” DiPaolo told police.

The Washington Post said that Geoffrey Farrar, who was a retiree from Arlington County, was well known and loved at Carderock; DiPaolo had been his longtime protégé. While Farrar was known as “Carderock Geoff,” DiPaolo was “Carderock Dave.” Both would often climb without ropes.

David’s father, Vincent DiPaolo, said his son had bi-polar disorder and liked to wear grunge style clothing. He believes he only acted in self-defense. He said David had admiration for Farrar, but the two were also competitive.

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