Congresswoman Wexton Declares Victory in Virginia Reelection Campaign

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton’s declares victory in her District 10 reelection campaign.

Sterling, VA — “Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-VA-10) has won a resounding victory in her reelection campaign in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District tonight,” said a spokesman for the Wexton campaign in a message to news media.

Jennifer Wexton has 188,763 and 54% of the votes as of 11:30 p.m., Tuesday. Republican Aliscia Andrews has 160,312 and 45.88% of the vote.

In a victory speech delivered from her campaign headquarters in Sterling, Wexton spoke about the need to come together and take action on the issues that are most pressing to Virginia families — like getting COVID-19 under control, expanding access to affordable health care, and ending the gun violence epidemic:

“When I ran in 2018, I promised that ‘change is coming.’

“We took one big step towards that change here in Virginia and across the country in 2018. And tonight, I’m hopeful that we’ll take another big leap forward — once again, beginning right here in Virginia-10.

“Our families deserve change. Because we shouldn’t have to live in a country where families like Val’s, who spoke earlier, are forced to sell their house to afford life-saving health care for their children.

“Because we shouldn’t have to live in a country where our kids, like Xandra who shared her story here tonight, don’t feel safe going to school because they’re afraid of becoming the next victim of a mass shooting.

“Because we shouldn’t have to live in a country where our federal workers are forced to serve in an administration that disrespects, undermines, and straight up sabotages their work for political purposes.”

Wexton offered a hopeful outlook on the future, even in the midst of the unprecedented challenges facing the country, particularly COVID-19. She continued:

“After tonight, if things keep going well, we may — finally — be able to point to this moment as the one where as a nation we rejected the politics of hate and fear and division and embraced a brighter future. Where we come together and deliver true change on the issues that matter to America’s families.

“It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the news we see every day and the enormous challenges that we’re facing as a country. But what I’ve seen and heard over the past few weeks, talking to constituents, voters, and volunteers across the district, has filled me with great hope.

“It may be awhile before every vote is counted, but Virginians and Americans across the country made clear that the true power in our nation belongs to the people.”

In 2018, Wexton flipped Virginia’s 10th District blue for the first time in nearly 40 years. Wexton is a mom, former prosecutor and state Senator, and longtime advocate for women and children.

 The contest in Virginia has not been fully completed.

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