Corey Stewart Wins Reelection as Prince William Chairman

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Chairman Corey Stewart talks with a citizen, during the 2014 November local elections.

Chairman Corey Stewart talks with a citizen, during the 2014 November primary elections.

With 97.83 percent of the polls reporting, Republican incumbent Corey Stewart has won his third term as Chairman At-large of the Board of County Supervisors.

Stewart ran his current election touting his achievements as chairman. They included building Prince William’s economy and bringing in new restaurants and retail as well some new tech companies. He noted his ability to have Prince William weather an economic recession and remain fiscally responsible.

Under Stewart’s stewardship, Prince William County invested $1 billion of new road projects and built two new libraries in Gainesville and Montclair.

Stewart also claimed to strong on public safety.

After a debate at Northern Virginia Community College in Manassas, Stewart won the support of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce.

Stewart’s opponent, Democrat Rick Smith, ran on a platform of what Stewart could have done better. He argued that Prince William should be attracting more businesses and better competing with Stafford County. Smith wanted to improve education and safety, and said he would create a victim’s advocacy center.

Stewart’s administration fell under criticism for its treatment of illegal immigrants and for Stewart’s initial anti-developer platform, which he has since revised. Stewart now says he instead determines which developments will be beneficial to the county and makes sure they include the necessary infrastructure. While those on the left, continue to be critical of Stewart, the election proved he remains strong at least with Republican voters.

In the members race, there was no contest for supervisors Jeanine Lawson (R-Brentsville), Pete Candland (R-Gainesville), Marty Nohe (R-Coles) and John Jenkins (D-Neabsco.)

Republican Maureen Caddigan was able to hold her seat as Potomac Supervisor despite a good showing at the polls for opponent Andrea Bailey.

In “new Woodbridge” Democrat Frank Principi faced two opponents, but won by a landslide.

Ruth Anderson won the most hotly contested race in the Occoquan District. Anderson faced former Occoquan Mayor Ernie Porta for the seat Michael May left vacant to compete in the race for Commonwealth Attorney, and appears to have lost to 47-year incumbent Paul B. Ebert.

Anderson won the Occoquan seat by 11 percent over Porta. The Occoquan district is always a battleground for Democrats and Republicans. Although Porta was a popular mayor, the resurfacing civil court case, involving the creation of a hostile environment for a female employee, could not have helped his campaign.

The results of the election mean that the make up of the Board of County Supervisors in terms of ratio of Republicans to Democrats and the districts they represent will not change.

In the Commonwealth Attorney race, although it was close, Paul Ebert, who has served in the position for the last 47-years will keep his job. He beat former Occoquan Supervisor Michael May by a narrow margin.

Michelle McQuigg, a known Republican, won the County Clerk position in another close race.

Here are the numbers (they are subject to change as more polls close): 

Board of County Supervisors


Rick H. Smith III 42.75%

Corey A. Stewart 56.8%

Write in 0.40%



Jeanine M. Lawson 97.99%

Write in 2.01%



Pete K. Candland 97.93%

Write in 2.07%



Martin E. “Marty” Nohe 97.07%

Write in 2.93%



John D. Jenkins 97.31%

Write in 2.69%



Earnest W. Porta, Jr. 45.5%

Ruth M. Anderson 54.22%

Write in 0.28%



Andrea O. Bailey 46.8%

Maureen S. Caddigan 52.75%

Write in 0.39%



Frank J. Principi 62.06%

Steve H. Chapman 30%

Antonio L. Merrick 7.38%

Write in 0.55%


Clerk of Court

Jacqueline C. Smith 47.68%

Michele B. McQuigg 52.02%

Write in 0.3%


Commonwealth Attorney

Paul B. Ebert 52.59%

Michael C. May 47.14%

Write in


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