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Haymarket Police Seek Suspect in Traffic Confrontation

| March 5, 2017 | 0 Comments | News

Photo Courtesy Haymarket Police Department

The Haymarket Police Department is looking for an individual who accosted a woman Saturday morning at a traffic light.

According to police, the woman, who was on the way to a studio around 9 a.m., was confronted by a man she said left his vehicle and confronted her about her speed.

“As she got to a red light at Jefferson and Washington a male driver directly in front of her at the light driving ‘either a dark green or silver’ SUV exited his vehicle and began to yell at her and curse at her about the speed limit being 25,” a department spokesperson said.

The woman requested the man return to his vehicle as the light was going to tun green.

“The male reached through the window with a open hand and pushed the female’s head forcing her to catch herself on the passenger seat,” he said. “The female closed the window and the male got back in his SUV.”

The woman received no injuries from the altercation.

Following the initial incident, the man attempted to put his car in reverse and allegedly strike the woman’s Nissan Juke, but she maneuvered her vehicle into the left lane so the vehicles only “lightly collided.”

“The Juke sustained a paint scrape of a silver color and the glass from the mirror housing fell out of the housing,” he said.

The woman told police that the male drove away and headed east; she could not provide tag information or the make/model or exact color of the vehicle.

Police are looking for a black male, in his 40’s, approximately 6 feet tall and about 200lbs, wearing either a blue or green army hat with possibly a button up shirt.

“We are asking if anyone saw this happen or had any information to help us catch this suspect,” he said. “Please contact the Haymarket Police Department [(703) 753-2700] if you can help.”

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