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Local GOP Discovers Connection Between Democratic Donor, Police Data Breach

| October 31, 2019 | 0 Comments | News

Prince William County Republicans have discovered that former PWPD Lt. William “Liam” Burke, who was arrested for illegal breach of personal information, made large donations to the Prince William Democratic Committee. Burke also made smaller donations to Democratic candidates.

“Prior to his removal, Mr. Burke moonlighted as an active Democratic political operative in the county,” said Prince William Republican Committee Chairman Bill Card, who contacted Bristow Beat about the matter. 

Burke was arrested on five counts of computer invasion, a crime punishable by up to one year in prison. He was removed from the police department in spring as his alleged crimes were being investigated.

Card sent a FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] request to see the nature of the hacking Burke was involved in. 

Police declined to provide further information, stating in a letter that it was within their right, according to Virginia law Section 2.1-3706(A)(a), to withhold confidential investigation information and documents regardless if the case has been closed. 

As confirmed by VPAP, Burke donated a total of $5,300 to Democrats. Of that, $3,700 went to the Prince William Democratic Party over a period of three years.

Burke also donated to campaigns of supervisor candidates Raheel Sheikh and Andrea Bailey; School Board Chairman Babur Lateef; Delegate Hala Ayala; and Amy Ashworth, Democratic candidate for Commonwealth Attorney, as well as two other candidates no longer running for office.

In 2019, Burke gave $1,300 to the Democratic Committee, $590 to Ashworth and $250 to Sheikh.

“Burke’s initial donation to Ashworth was made days before her declaration of her candidacy,” said Card. “That donation was followed by an ‘in-kind’ donation through a fundraiser in Burke’s
home in March of 2019.”

Ashworth’s campaign manager noted that the donation was made on Jan. 27 when she publicly announced her campaign on Jan. 11 online and in the media.*

Burke gave no money to Republicans. 

Card called upon the Democrats to give back any money they have received from Burke for this campaign cycle so that it is not able to influence our sacred political process and the critical elections taking place right now.”

“There may very well be an innocent explanation to Burke’s pattern of donations and personal support while simultaneously and illegally accessing the private data of the citizens of Prince William County. However, the misreporting by the Ashworth campaign along with the potential conflict between a dirty cop and a candidate for Commonwealth’s Attorney are certainly disturbing.”

Amy Ashworth’s campaign offered this comment:

“This is a typical, last-minute attack to distract voters from the real story in this race for Commonwealth’s Attorney — Democrat Amy Ashworth is a former prosecutor with eleven years experience as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney and Republican Mike May has never prosecuted a case. Amy has prosecuted sex crimes, child abuse, and domestic violence cases, and she has a strong plan for reforming Prince William County’s criminal justice system to keep our community safe and make law enforcement fair for everybody.”

*This comment was added after the publication of the article, on Oct. 31 at 1:45 p.m. 

Readers can use VPAP to find out more information about campaign donations.

Work for the article began at the beginning of October and comments were offered at that time with the exception of the one noted above. 

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