Police Create Fake Sex Operation to Combat Demand in Prince William County

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Pablo Perez Umanzor was arrested on Aug. 8.

A fake advertisement for the solicitation of sex posted by the Prince William County Police led to multiple arrests of men soliciting prostitution, Thursday.

Police say the sting was intended to lessen the demand for sex work, which feeds into human trafficking, that endangers young people, especially women.

Detectives from the Prince William County Police, Special Investigations Bureau conducted a Commercial Sex Operation, Aug. 8, at an area hotel in the Manassas area of the County.

“The objective of the operation was aimed to combat the illicit demand and solicitation of commercial sex services which has a direct connection to human trafficking,” said police spokesperson Sgt. Jonathan Perok.

During the course of the operation, undercover detectives created online advertisements designed to solicit commercial sex that led to the contact of numerous suspects by phone and through social media. As a result, multiple suspects were identified and charged with offenses relating to the solicitation of commercial sex.

“Prince William County Police remain committed to the fight against labor and sex trafficking,” said Perok. “We are dedicated to tackling the complexity and issues surrounding the commercial sex industry. Anyone who solicits commercial sex plays a fundamental role in human sex trafficking by contributing to the need and demand of such activities.”

According to Perok, the Department, in conjunction with their community partners, recognize that those who solicit commercial sex play an equal role in creating a marketplace that thrives on sexual abuse, violence, and child exploitation.

In addition to enforcement, the Police Department seeks to continue community education efforts and awareness campaigns through our partnership with federal, state, and local agencies.

“Law Enforcement’s goal is to be an active participant in the fight against human trafficking and create a safe environment for the reporting of suspected human trafficking,” Perok said.

The Police Department has conducted training at area hotels, local churches and hospitals, and other County agencies to educate respective staff on how to identify and report suspected commercial sex and human trafficking.

“The plan is to continue these educational opportunities since our community partners play a critical role in notifying law enforcement of suspected illicit activity”

Before the end of the year, the Police Department is partnering with the Blue Campaign to continue this educational objective at other hotels in Prince William County.

According to the Department of Homeland Security website, “[The] Blue Campaign is a national public awareness campaign, designed to educate the public, law enforcement and other industry partners to recognize the indicators of human trafficking, and how to appropriately respond to possible cases.”

To report suspected human trafficking or to receive assistance if you are a victim of human trafficking, please contact the Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888, send a text to 233733, or Prince William County Police at 703-792-6500.

Resources regarding human trafficking in the United States and Virginia; https://polarisproject.org/human-trafficking/facts https://humantraffickinghotline.org/state/virginia https://www.dhs.gov/blue-campaign

During this latest operation, the below individuals were identified and charged in connection to offenses relating to our deterrence and enforcement efforts including the solicitation of prostitution and frequenting a bawdy place.

The code of Virginia defines a “bawdy place” as any place within or outside any building or structure that is used or is to be used for lewdness, assignation, or prostitution.

Charged on August 8:

Pablo Ruben Perez Umanzor, 19, of Wilmington Street in Manassas was charged with frequenting a bawdy place and solicitation of prostitution. His court date was set for Sept. 24, 2019. He was released on a $2,000 secured bond.

Clemente Bernal Cobo, 21, of Lotus Lane in Centreville was charged with frequenting a bawdy place, solicitation of prostitution, and resisting arrest. His court date was set for Sept. 24, 2019. He was released on a $2,500 secured.

Other persons arrested are as follows:

  • Manuel Theodore Deguzman, 55, of Ladderback Drive, Gainesville
  • Abel Alvarenga, 40, of Highland Street, Manassas
  • Richard Allen Waters, 48, of Coverstone Hills Circle, Manassas
  • Alfonso Medina, 43, of Bradley Court, Winchester
  • Davinder Kahlon, 35, of Jennell Drive, Bristow
  • Jeffrey Mosher, 45, of Deerfield Meadows, Mineral, VA
  • Mansour Asimov, 26, of Sackwheat Square, Chantilly

Those listed above were charged with frequenting a bawdy place and solicitation of prostitution

Their court dates are pending. All were released on a summons.

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