Prince William Supervisors Will Discuss Proposed Bond Referendum, Tuesday

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Prince William Board of County Supervisors discuss the Potential Bond Referendum on June 18th, 2019 ​

Prince William County Supervisors want the public’s input on a bond referendum to include more indoor sports facilities.

Submitted by Prince William County Chairman At-Large Corey Stewart 

Woodbridge, VA – On June 18th, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors will hold a discussion of bond referendum questions and review of a draft resolution.

The meeting will begin at 2:00 p.m. in the McCourt Building. County Supervisors were informed by county staff on a potential park and mobility bond referendum.

The bond will equate to 600 million dollars in transportation improvements and community park improvements here in Prince William County. Park projects include Howison Park Improvements, Long Park Improvements, Neabsco Park Development, and a Fuller Heights Expansion.

An estimated $200 million will go towards parks and indoor sports facilities. Also, an estimated $400 million will go towards transportation projects in Prince William County.

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors wants to hear the public’s opinion regarding mobility and park projects.

Previously released information regarding the Parks Projects: 

The recommended park projects are designed to improve and address community recreation needs. Most specifically, the projects will address the lack of indoor athletic space, including indoor track and field, court sports such as basketball and volleyball, wrestling, and indoor turf space for field sports. The parks projects also include passive and active use parkland, existing field improvements, and a number of trails, open space and general park improvements.

The recommended transportation projects will address major areas of congestion throughout the county and provide 50 new lane miles of roads along with 22 miles of bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The park bond projects currently under consideration would require up to $200 million of general obligation debt to fund the costs for acquisition, design, construction, equipment and improvements for the following parks facilities:

  • Tourism and Indoor Sports Complex in Eastern Prince William County
  • Indoor Athletics Field House in Western Prince William County
  • Howison Park Improvements
  • Long Park Improvements
  • Neabsco Park Development
  • Fuller Heights Expansion
  • Aquatic and Fitness Center in Eastern Prince William County
  • Countywide Trails, Open-Space and Park Improvements

The road bond projects under consideration would require up to $400 million of general obligation debt to fund the costs for acquisition, design, construction and improvements for the following projects:

  • Devlin Road Widening
  • University Boulevard Extension
  • Route 28 Bypass/Widening
  • Sudley Road Intersection Improvements (such as roundabouts at the Catharpin Road/Sudley Road Intersection and the Pageland Road/Sanders Lane/Sudley Road Intersection; includes Pageland Road Realignment)
  • Route 55 Widening
  • Minnieville Road/Prince William Parkway Interchange
  • Old Bridge Road/Gordon Boulevard Intersection
  • Old Bridge Road/Prince William Parkway Intersection
  • Summit School Road Extension
  • Van Buren Road Extension
  • North Woodbridge Mobility Improvements (such as the Route 1/Route 123 Interchange, Horner Road/Marina Way Extension and Annapolis Way Connection)
  • Countywide Safety/Operational and Bicycle/Pedestrian Projects
More information can be found on the Board of County Supervisors website.

Also, click here for the meeting agenda on June 18th.

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