Virginia Governor Declares State of Emergency

| March 2, 2018 | 0 Comments | News

Ralph Northam, Democrat

RICHMOND – Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency Friday afternoon to address the effects of the severe weather impacting communities across the Commonwealth.

“The order is designed to help Virginia mitigate any damage caused by high winds and to streamline the process that the Commonwealth uses to provide assistance to communities impacted.”

On this date, March 2, 2018, I am declaring a state of emergency to exist for the Commonwealth of Virginia based on the severe weather event.

The health and general welfare of the citizens require state action to help alleviate the conditions caused by this situation. The effects of this situation constitute a disaster wherein human life and public and private property are, or are likely to be, imperiled, as described in § 44-146.16 of the Code of Virginia.

Northam, in adherence to Virginia Code, said he called the state of emergency “to marshal all public resources and appropriate preparedness, response, and recovery measures to meet this threat and recover from its effects, and in accordance with my authority contained in § 44-146.17 of the Code of Virginia.” 

For more information read here. 


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