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Virginia’s COVID-19 Cases Reach New Peak, Surpassing 4,000, Wed

| December 9, 2020 | 0 Comments | News

Virginia Department of Health reports COVID-19 cases for 12/9.

On Dec. 9, the Virginia Department of Health reported a new record for COVID-19 in Virginia with 4,398 new confirmed and probably cases on that day. By most Virginia Department of Health metrics, the COVID-19 cases in Virginia reflect an increase beyond the Thanksgiving peak.

COVID in Virginia

Total Cases: 262,730 (4,398 increase since 12/8)

Total Hospitalizations: 15,592

Total Deaths: 4,281

When measuring “symptom onset,” Dec. 1 was the highest day on record for the Commonwealth with 3,046 cases. At that time, the 7-Day Moving Average was 2,283, a one person increase from Nov. 25. Dec. 8 saw 2,103 new cases recorded on that single day; The current 7-Day Moving Average of 1,437 cases reflects decrease from holiday highs; however, the “onset” average next week may tell a different story.

Hospitalizations are 2,035 as of Dec. 9. A total of 25,862 who have been hospitalized and discharged since the VDH started recording COVID-19 data.

This is not an isolated spike as the graph demonstrates. Cases have been steadily increasing across the state throughout autumn. On Oct. 3, the “onset” 7-Day Moving Average was 895. On Nov. 3, it had risen to 1,385, passing the 1,000 mark.

In Northern Virginia, cases also peaked this week with 7-Day Moving Averages in the 600s. That is a height not seen in the region since May (while the rest of Virginia has never before seen such high number of cases.) The 7-Day-Average for the Prince William Health District is 203 with 314 new cases Wednesday.

Virginia Department of Health graph of COVID-19 cases in Prince William County.

COVID-19 Data in Prince William County

Prince William County is the jurisdiction with the second highest number of COVID-19 cases in the Commonwealth. Fairfax County still has the most cases of coronavirus but Prince William has more per capita.

Total Cases: 20,080 (12/9) 19,766 (12/8)

Hospitalized: 1,1119

Deaths: 240.5

Cases per 100,000 population: 4,405.5

Deaths per 100,000: 50.6

Virginia Department graph reflecting COVID-19 cases in Norther Virginia as of 12/8.

Regionally, Northern Virginia numbers are quite high, although per capita numbers in other regions are on the increase as well. (Data from 12/8.)

COVID in Fairfax County

Total Cases: 34,487

Cases per 100,000: 2,996.8

Deaths per 100,000: 229.9

COVID in City of Manassas 

City of Manassas has a particularly high rate per capita.

Total Cases: 2,418

Hospitalized: 142

Deaths: 28

Cases per 100,000: 5,806.8

COVID in City of Manassas Park

Total Cases: 768

Hospitalizations: 62

Deaths: 8

Data by Zip Code 

Cases are not equal throughout the region. The Prince William County Health District has “hot spot” areas. These are Woodbridge (22191), City of Manassas (2823) and Manassas Park (2034.)

The following numbers represent COVID-19 case TOTALS as recorded by the VDH as of 12/8.

ZIP             Location            12/8                 11/17        

20136 –      Bristow                 788                      (591)

20155 –       Gainesville           900                      (598)

20169 –      Haymarket            532                     (410)

20181 –       Nokesville            181                      (141)

20110 –     Manassas City     2,823           (2,488)

20111 –       Manassas Park    2,034           (1,699)

22191 –      Woodbridge        4,079             (3,434)

Current Status For PWCS: Moderate-High Risk

Prince William County Schools is following VDH guidelines, serving some special education and lower grade students- pre-K, kindergarten and first grade-  within a hybrid two-day-a-week model. Second and 3rd grade are scheduled to return on Jan. 6. The majority of students have chosen all virtual instruction.


There have been a total of 28 recognized outbreaks in Prince William County of 1,612 across the state (12/8.) There have been no “outbreaks” in Prince William School, but there have been cases affecting Prince William employees, students and parents both in school and virtual. Information can be found on PWCS’s COVID-19 Dashboard.

In Virginia, the greatest number of recorded outbreaks have been in long term care facilities, then correctional facilities. Congregational settings (anyplace people congregate) comes in third with 5,862 cases and 67 deaths. Healthcare settings come in forth with 1,364 cases and 30 deaths. (12/8 data).

There have been 2,807 cases connected to colleges and universities, 407 to childcare centers and 411 to K-12 schools; however, VDH has recorded zero deaths in connection to those outbreaks. (12/8 data)

Demographics by Race

COVID-19 cases are higher among Latino and African Americans per capita. Of all cases, 96,164 were of white/Caucasian people, 49,447 Latinex Virginians and 46,582 black or African American.

Demographics by Age

People in their 20s continue to have the highest rates of confirmed COVID-19 cases (but lowest mortality rates), followed by those in their 30s, 40s, 50s, tweens and teens, 60s, and 70s. The lowest rates are those 80+ and among children. COVID-19 is much more deadly among the elderly. Children often have such mild cases it is not even detected by doctors so those numbers may not be representative of true infection rates.

Of all deaths from coronavirus, approximately 48% of the deceased were 80+ years of age, 25% were in their 70s, 15% were in their 60s, 7% were in their 50s, 2.4% in their 40s, and 0.9% in their 30s. Of 20-somethings 0.2%, or nine Virginians, have died of coronavirus and one person between the ages of 10-19. No children under 10 have reportedly died of coronavirus in Virginia. Twelve children have been hospitalized for Multi-Symptom Inflammatory Syndrome as a result of COVID-19. (Data 12/8.)

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