Stewart Staffer Claims New York Times Reporter Entered His Apartment Without Permission

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Corey Stewart cover photo from his Governor’s Campaign Facebook page.

A Corey Stewart campaign staffer reported to police that a New York Times reporter entered his Woodbridge apartment, Wednesday. The door was unlocked at the time.

Corey Stewart, Republican candidate for Senate and Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, sent out a press release, Friday, alerting the media of the instance and providing his thoughts on the matter.

Pulitzer Prize-winner reporter Stephanie Saul was investigating Stewart’s campaign and county staffer Brian Landrum for his participation in a chat room for Jason Kessler’s white supremacist group.

Landrum told media outlets his houseguest was shocked to find an unknown woman standing in his his apartment. Saul left a note saying she wanted to speak with Landrum.

According to Stewart’s release, Brian Landrum and his house guest each filed reports with the Prince William Police.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Jonathan Perok said he cannot reveal the identity of the victim, nor identify suspects not formally charged or wanted on an active warrant. He did confirm police responded to 14700 block of River Walk Way, the Bell Stonebridge Apartments, on July 18 at approximately 2:31 p.m.

“To my knowledge, no property was taken,” Perok said. “The matter is still under investigation and no charges have been placed at this time.”

The New York Times spokesperson disputes the allegations according to The Washington Post. The newspaper said Saul left a note for Landrum while standing outside his apartment.

Stewart, who made a name for himself with his brash, bombastic rhetoric, issued a statement in which he blasting the so-called leftist media.

“The fake news media will stop at nothing to destroy Republicans, as we’ve seen with their coverage of President Trump and others over the last few years,” Stewart said. “Far left media from New York to Richmond have been working overtime to invent wild stories to try to give advantage to Tim Kaine, and now they’re breaking into our team’s homes in pursuit of their narrative.”

Saul was investigating Landrum for his connection to Jason Kessler, a white supremacist who organized the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville last August. That rally turned violent and resulted in the death of one young woman. Landrum posted just once in a chat room with Jason Kessler’s group of white supremacists.

Landrum claims he may have been added to the group without his knowledge, but was not an active participant. His one emoji post, he said, which expressed shock at the content.

Stewart had contact with Kessler before the Charlottesville riot, but has since disavowed him. Stewart is also suspected of courting white supremacist voters as he stood with supporters in front of a Confederate Flag.

Stewart blames the New York Times for going to such lengths to get a story that would link him to such prejudice groups.

“These leftists truly are deranged. It’s like Watergate, but in this case it’s the New York Times sending their reporters to break into a private residence,” Stewart said. “I knew the New York Times didn’t care much for the rule of law, but this kind of behavior is blatant intimidation intended to silence conservatives, and it won’t be tolerated. Tim Kaine should immediately denounce The New York Times and the politics of violence and intimidation.”

When Stewart announced his run for senate approximately one year ago, he promised to run “vicious, ruthless” campaign against Democratic incumbent senator, Tim Kaine, who ran for Vice President of the United States last year on the Hillary Clinton ticket.

Stewart sent links to article about the incident published by The Washing Post and The Washington Times. The Richmond Times also reported on the incident.

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