Rollins Ford Regional Park Opens Oct. 7

Rollins Ford Regional Park
Prince William Parks & Rec. to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Rollins Ford Regional Park.

Halloween Pet Costume Contest

All Ages. October 1–21 Hocus Pocus, we hope you join us for the third annual Manassas City Library Halloween Pet Costume Contest! Email a photo of your pet in their Halloween costume to libmanassascity@pwcgov.org between October …

All about pets

Pet policies on the largest airlines in the US

Many people want to travel with their pets, so CitizenShipper explored the pet policies of the five largest U.S. airlines to better prepare travelers.

Seven signs your cat may be experiencing osteoarthritis pain

(BPT) - Cats are masters at hiding almost everything, especially pain. It can be difficult for cat parents to spot the signs of pain, especially osteoarthritis (OA) pain, but it’s important to …

Festive Foods to Skip or Pick for Your Pets According to a Veterinarian

Festive Foods to Skip or Pick for Your Pets According to a Veterinarian

(NewsUSA) - The holidays ring in a season of food prep and culinary indulgence, enticing people and pets with an abundance of activity in the kitchen as holiday meals and treats are prepared for …

4 Tips for Feeding Picky Pets

(Family Features) Similar to humans, dogs can also experience digestive discomfort, picky palates and sensitive stomachs and it can be hard for pet parents to anticipate their pets' changing diets and needs. If your four-legged friends are picky eaters or showing signs of sensitive stomachs, consider these tips.

Recycling - a Small Act Consumers Can Take to Make a Big Difference

Recycling - a Small Act Consumers Can Take to Make a Big Difference
(NewsUSA) - November 15 is America Recycles Day – a day to celebrate recycling and encourage people to be mindful of what they consume and where and how to recycle. While it seems like an easy …

The 10 top-rated pet charities and the missions they support

eTailPet used data from Charity Navigator to highlight the top 10 highest-rated domesticated animal charities in the United States.
Shared meal experiences: The next big thing bringing people and pups closer
(BPT) - Do you throw birthday parties for your dog? Include them in family photos? Maybe you have matching outfits you don for special occasions? If you enjoy spending time with your pup through fun …
Fur-tastic fabric care: Top 5 do's and don'ts for pet-friendly homes
(BPT) - Being a pet parent is a joy and privilege. Every day, you have a friendly, four-legged companion who's just as happy to join you on walks and hikes as they are to relax with you on the couch. …
4 Reasons Why Your Office Should Go to the Dogs
(BPT) - Enticing workers to return to the office after months, or even years, of working from home or in a hybrid model is proving to be tricky for some businesses. Incentives to return to the office …
5 Ways to Support Dogs' Health as They Age
(Family Features) As dogs approach their late adult and senior years, it's important to adapt the ways they're cared for so they can enjoy happy and healthy lives. To fully support your dog's lives as they age, consider this advice.
Fast Facts About Healthy Skin and Coat Care for Dogs
(Family Features) Consider these facts and misperceptions to get a better understanding of how you can improve your pet's skin and coat.
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Affordable Cleaning Service Expands to New Headquarters

Affordable Cleaning Services is an independently-owned local business that combines professionalism, responsiveness, and thorough cleaning!

Once Foster Child Becomes Gray Face Acres Rescue Foster Mom

Taylor Garduno Sharpe of Bristow is an avid volunteer, community leader, involved mother, wife and foster doggy-mommy to a senior pit-bull/great Dane mix. Her experience with great foster parents made her a great mom, and now foster-rescue mom.

Rollins Ford 'Multi-Use' 'Destination' Park to Feature Farm-Themed Playground

Rollins Ford Park will be a 70-acres park with fields, a large playground, dog park and trails.

Where pet owners in the US spend the most on their pets

eTailPet compared pet spending across the country and analyzed why West Coasters spend so much more on pets, using Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

How dogs' diets look around the world

Ollie explored how dogs' diets vary around the world using a variety of research studies, news articles, and historical resources.