OmniRide Express bus returns to service on March 7, 2023.

Children Ride OmniRide Free with Adults, April 25

WOODBRIDGE, VA –   In support of national Take Your Child to Work Day, children aged 17 and younger can ride any OmniRide bus for free on Thursday, April 25. Great …
Aerial photo of the transmission corridor that runs through properties along Pageland Lane in Catharpin.

Prince William County Discounts Real Estate Assessment of Digital Gateway Properties

One would think taxes on the property would have skyrocketed for Pageland land residents following Prince William County’s rezoning to make way for the Prince William Digital Gateway; instead, …
Image rendering of proposed sports center

Details of Prince William's $100M Sports Complex Plan Come into Greater Focus

The multi-use facility, which could be the largest of its kind in the Washington region, would feature a hydraulic running track and hard-surface courts used for basketball, pickleball and space for conventions or other events.
Police Investigate Vehicle Struck by Bullet on Fitzwater Drive in Nokesville
A bullet struck a vehicle parked on residential property in Nokesville, Wednesday afternoon.
Vehicle Strikes 3-Year-Old and Father on Crescent Park Drive in Gainesville
Prince William County Officers responded to the 7800 block of Crescent Park Drive in Gainesville to investigate a crash involving pedestrians, April 16 at 7:44 p.m.
Bristow Townhouse Fire Displaces 5 Residents
Prince William County Fire and Rescue units were dispatched to the 8700 block of Chorley Way in Bristow for a reported townhouse fire, Sunday, April 14 at 9:36 p.m.

Silver Eagle Stable Announces 4th Annual Show Series

Riders demonstrate their posture while riding in the Silver Eagle Show Series.

Silver Eagle Stable Annual Show Series will return this April with shows running one Saturday a month through November.

Patriot HS to Commemorate Josh Morrison with FOR22 Ceremony

Josh Morrison played on the Patriot Pioneers' first varsity baseball team in 2012.

The community is invited to Patriot High School's 'FOR22' event, April 23, starting at 6 p.m., to commemorate the life of Josh Morrison, class of 2013.

Be a Lifeguard this Summer at SplashDown Waterpark

Be a Lifeguard this Summer at SplashDown Waterpark. Free training is offered.

ARTfactory Pied Piper Theatre to Present THE WIZARD OF OZ

Cast members JJ Calavas, Joy Williamson, Nathan Brooks,
and Parker Bowling

A: A cast of over 50 talented youth is set to take the stage at Hylton Performing Arts Center on May 11 and 12 when ARTfactory Pied Piper Theatre presents the delightful adaptation of The Wizard of Oz.


Patriot HS FOR22 Ceremony in Remembrance of Josh Morrison

Patriot High School invites the community to commemorate the life of Josh Morrison, Class of 2013, on April 23 at 6 p.m. The commemoration will take place on the baseball field before the Patriot …

Parks & Rec Presents Proposed Prince William Sports Complex & Event Center

Illustration of the proposed Prince William County Sports & Event Center.

The Prince William County Sports and Event Center is a proposed large indoor multi-sport and special event facility, that if ultimately approved, will be developed in North Woodbridge.

Fauquier Health Announces New Chief Financial Officer & Chief Nursing Officer

Janelle Padgett, new Chief Financial Officer for Fauquier Health, and Toni Maxwell, new Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). (Right to Left)

Fauquier Health is pleased to announce Janelle Padgett has joined the organization as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) along with Toni as its new Chief Nursing Officer (CNO).

Arbitrator Rules Prince William School Board Committed Unfair Labor Practices
Prince William Education Association [PWEA], the largest public-sector education local representing over 11,000 educators in Prince William County Schools [PWCS], files unfair labor practice charges and wins.
Prince William School Board Approves Fiscal Year 2025 Budget
The Prince William County School Board approved the  Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 Budget  on March 20. Superintendent Dr. LaTanya D. McDade’s budget prioritized investments aligned with …
Osbourn Park High School Will Hold Celebration of Life for Lillian Orlich, Beloved Guidance Counselor
Osbourn Park High School’s long-serving counselor Ms. Lillian Mary Orlich passed away on March 7, 2024, at the age of 95, after serving for almost 70 years as a local educator.
Prince William County School Board Ratifies First Collective Bargaining Agreement
 The Prince William County School Board ratified the Collective Bargaining Agreement with its employees’ exclusive bargaining agent, the Prince William Education Association (PWEA),
PWEA Ratifies 1st Collective Bargaining Agreement in Virginia
Prince William Education Association [PWEA], the largest public-sector education local representing over 11,000 educators in Prince William County Schools [PWCS], has announced the ratified the first …
Prince William School Board Gives High Praise for Student Vision Profile Reports
The key to succeeding at anything in life begins with knowing what you want to do but selecting a career path is a daunting task for students and families. …

10 game-changing strategies for finding the right summer camp

(BPT) - With the days growing longer and warmer, securing a suitable camp for your child can feel like an impossible task. However, finding the perfect camp experience for your kid this summer …


Governor Vetoed Senator Boysko’s Safe Storage of Firearms Bill

Virginia State Senator Jennifer Boysko (D-Fairfax).

RICHMOND, VA – Today, the Governor vetoed Senator Jennifer Boysko’s (D-Fairfax) Senate Bill 368, requiring any person who possesses a gun in a residence to store their firearm safely …

Gov. Youngkin Requests Review of Course Syllabi at Two Virginia Universities

VCU education professor Gabriel Reich speaks against Youngkin's requests to view course syllabi at a Board of Visitors meeting on March 22.

RICHMOND, Va. -- Gov. Glenn Youngkin recently requested syllabi from two state universities, a move some faculty called “unprecedented."


Who are today’s climate activists? Dispelling 3 big myths for Earth Month

Climate rallies, like this one in New York City in 2022, draw activists of all ages. AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe As Earth Month 2024 gets underway, climate activists around the world are planning …

Failed West Virginia microschool fuels state probe — and some soul-searching

The 74 reports on a microschool closure that led to a government investigation and closer scrutiny at other programs across the country.

Simple, Convenient Salads to Celebrate Spring

(Family Features) Letting in a little fresh air with an open window or a screen door is a sure sign of spring, allowing the natural sights and smells of the outdoors to accompany you at the dinner table.

Margaret Morse Nice thought like a song sparrow and changed how scientists understand animal behavior

The Conversation looks back at a pioneering ethologist, bird-bander, and ornithologist Margaret Morse Nice, and how her work influenced scientific approaches to animal behavior for Women's History Month.

Maximize family fun: 4 ways to elevate your camping

(BPT) - Spending time together as a family in the great outdoors provides ample opportunities to create treasured memories. Out in nature, you can unwind and discover the world’s natural …

How social media transformed the way companies sell us products

Social media is now the go-to place for companies to sell products. Xactly analyzed industry reports to understand this retail transformation.

Sanctuary, self-care and sustainability top outdoor living trends

(BPT) - Over the past several years, our backyards have become much more than spaces for weekend barbecues. They’re sanctuaries where we go to decompress from our increasingly hectic lives and …

5 can't-miss motorcycle road trips

For those looking for an unforgettable adventure, Cheap Insurance takes a look at five motorcycle road trips that provide a look at history, scenery, and freedom on the road.
Curious Kids

Why do burps make noise?

Burping is a normal part of everyday life. Burps happen when air from your stomach travels back up your food tube – called an esophagus – to your mouth. Air gets into your stomach during activities like eating or drinking.

From thousands to millions to billions to trillions to quadrillions and beyond: Do numbers ever end?

The number zero was a relatively recent and crucial addition − it allows numbers to extend in both directions forever. pixel_dreams/iStock via Getty Images Plus …

Why aren’t there solar-powered cars?

Solar cars exist. The best place to see them is the World Solar Challenge, a race that’s held every two years in Australia. Competitors have to drive about 1,870 miles (3,000 kilometers), from Darwin on the country’s north coast to Adelaide on its south coast, using only energy from the Sun. ...
Food stories from around the web

6 Spring Break Feel-Good Essentials

(BPT) - Sunsweet prunes are the feel-good addition to spring break. From fueling your adventures to supporting energy levels throughout the day and helping you recover from fun, prunes are there to …

5 Delicious Ways to Revamp Your Routine with Oats

(BPT) - Do you want to add more variety and nutrition to your meal planning? Consider incorporating Quaker Oats into your diet! While oats are typically associated with breakfast, they're a versatile …

A Creamy Pasta Delight Perfect for Dining Outdoors

( Dining al fresco brings added freshness to favorite foods, and taking your next meal to the patio can be a fun, delicious way to soak in some vitamin D.
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