Santa's Tree Land

Nothing says holiday shopping like shopping Christmas or holiday tree. After all, where else would Santa place the presents?


Who loves presents more than children? However, sometimes Santa and family want to give children and tweens gifts that will further their education while being fun and engaging. That is why …

Holiday Tips!
7 ways to up your gift-giving game
(BPT) - Have you ever received a bad gift? Maybe Aunt Debbie gave you a bag of expired candy or your sibling gifted you a restaurant coupon. Perhaps your co-worker baked you peanut butter cookies and …
Spend for the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank
(NewsUSA) - After scaling back celebrations last year, people are ready to spend money on gifts, vacations, decorations and entertaining for the 2021 holiday season. But the pressure is on with news …
Tree trek: Top tips for finding, cutting and bringing home your family’s holiday tree
(BPT) - The holidays have arrived, and families and friends are returning to favorite pastimes as they celebrate together. Whether you’re looking for evergreen branches to decorate your home or …
Making a list, checking it twice: a jolly holiday begins with important safety steps
(BPT) - From shopping online and gifting toys, to decking the halls and cooking a feast, the holiday season is in full effect as more people expand their celebrations and plan in-person gatherings …
Baby Safety Tips for Visiting Family this Holiday Season
(NewsUSA) - With winter holidays approaching, families are planning long-delayed visits. Adding to the excitement, many grandparents and relatives may be welcoming babies and toddlers into their …
Flu shots for two: Protect yourself during pregnancy and your baby after birth
(BPT) - The phrase “two for one” suggests a great deal: getting twice the benefit. That’s precisely what a flu shot can do for someone who is pregnant. One shot protects you from …
Children's Health
Virginia Dept. of Health Community Ambassador release

Q&A on Children's COVID-19 with Virginia Dept. of Health

 We have gathered the top 5 questions + answers below so that parents + guardians can make the best-informed decision possible for their families.
Children's Health Update

Three Ways To Keep Your Child Safe From COVID-19

(NAPSI)—Children and teens are catching and spreading COVID-19 at an increasingly high rate. Even if your child or teen has not yet contracted COVID-19, they are at risk, especially with the low …
Organization warns parents about children viewing online pornography

The Third Talk™ Thanks Billie Eilish for Her Bravery in Addressing Pornography Related Trauma

Subject matter experts The Third Talk Inc. today announced the release of their Wake Up Parents! video, a first-of-its-kind depiction of the trauma that online pornography can cause young people.
Prince William Health District

PWHD 'What You Should Know: Preparing Children and Teens for Vaccination'

Prince William Health Clinic will be holding mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinics this week. Some will be for those 5-11 years only, while other will serve people 5-adult. (Read article for details)

Be prepared for back to school – catch up on routine checkups and vaccinations

(BPT) - With many children returning to in-person learning this fall, families are going through their back-to-school checklists. This is the perfect moment to check off one thing that is essential …

Five Amazon Photos tips to make your holidays merry

(BPT) - From selfies to group shots or pictures of kids, pets, and holiday treats that look too good to eat, there are more photos taken during the holidays than at any other time of year. Luckily …

Bake with Joy This Holiday Season

(Family Features) If you pour your heart into baking treats for family and loved ones this time of year, you'll likely appreciate this inspiration for baking joy into each bite.

Police Search for Man Who Briefly Abducted Teen near Lake Ridge Middle School

The girl told police the a man pulled her into the woods and covered her mouth with his hand.

Tips for Parents on Teaching Kids Life Skills

(NewsUSA) -Parenting is hard, and the past year was especially challenging for parents of school-aged kids, as they struggled to juggle their children's virtual school and the loss of many activities …

Crossroads Tabletop Tavern Crossroads Tabletop Tavern

Who wants a game night? How about a game night where you can eat, drink, have fun, and don't have to worry about cooking or even cleaning up? 

Winter Reading Program

All ages. December 15–February 28 This winter, enjoy your favorite stories and earn a free prize! Log in to Beanstack or sign up at your local library, complete 10 of our special winter challenges (including looking for the …

Holiday Smiles

Stop by your library and color a holiday postcard. We’ll send it to an area assisted living center to bring a little happiness to an older adult this season.

Calendar of events
Raising Big Dreamers
Consider these tips from the experts at KinderCare to help parents infuse some of the Take Your Child to Work Day spirit into everyday life.

How to Keep Life Spontaneous: Travel Adventures at Home and Beyond

(BPT) - We’ve spent the past year bookmarking the travel excursions of our dreams and now our next flight finally seems to be in sight. We’re all yearning for more spontaneity and …

Back-to-School Basics

(Family Features) Each new school year brings a chance for fresh beginnings and an opportunity to get the family organized for a smooth transition back to the classroom.

Top Students are Created by Top Parents

Millions of parents are frustrated because they know their children can do better, yet they don't know how to help. This how-to manual is packed with fun and creative activities, giving parents tools to make their children's education a vital part of daily living and child care.

Kid-Friendly Ways to Learn About World History

Building an appreciation for history is one way to help kids understand and connect with the world around them.
Family fun

Engage your kids with healthy snacks and family movies

(BPT) - There’s no time quite like family time. And what better way to enjoy those moments with your little ones than cooking, baking and making snacks together? According to The New York …

Keeping It Great To Be A Kid

(NAPSI)—In these uncertain times, kids need music more than ever. Anyone who has ever seen toddlers naturally sway and bob to music, knows that children feel music—and that music and kids go …

5 Tips for Gardening with Kids

After months of cool weather, the first hint of spring will likely have the whole family eager to dive into outdoor activities.

Getting by

6 tips to pay for your child's college education

(BPT) - College tuition bills are due right around the corner. It’s true that college can be expensive, but knowing all of the different financing options available and making a plan can help you and other parents find peace of mind.

Potty training time? Why the right toilet seat is key to success

(BPT) - Of all the things you do as a parent, one of the most challenging is toilet training. It can take a lot of planning, supplies and patience to teach your toddler to say goodbye to the diaper. …

Celebrate Birthdays from a Safe Social Distance

Whether you’re celebrating a kid or a kid at heart, planning a socially distant birthday party is a way to enjoy some camaraderie and honor life’s important milestones.

How to Combat Social Isolation

Even before COVID-19 limited social contact with friends, family and colleagues, many adults experienced loneliness and depression due to limited contact with others.

4 Child Safety Ideas That Help Bring Peace of Mind to Parents

(NewsUSA) - For busy parents, keeping a baby or toddler away from problem areas in the home can be an ongoing challenge. September is Baby Safety Month, and an important reminder for parents to look for potentially unsafe areas in the home

How this family went from debt to a seven-figure net worth

(BPT) - When they first got together, Andy and Nicole Hill thought they were doing fine financially. They made about $130,000 a year. They bought what they wanted and went out to dinner when they …

Virtual is here to stay: 5 creative ways people are connecting in a digital world

(BPT) - A year into the pandemic and a virtual lifestyle is the reality for many people. Remote work and online education are just the start — many people have taken a virtual approach to the …

11 easy ways to stay entertained without leaving your house

(BPT) - Cold weather paired with stay-at-home orders means families across the country have been spending more time at home. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time together and make …

5 smart steps to keep medications safe from kids of all ages

(BPT) - Prescription medications have many benefits, including managing pain, regulating chronic conditions, preventing disease and more. Despite numerous positives, medications can be dangerous to …

Baby Boomers Still Playing Together Even “Party Gaming” on Zoom

(NAPSI)—Over 70 million Baby Boomers grew up playing board games and watching game shows together—and they still love doing both.  A new pop culture trivia game is taking Boomers on a …

How to Raise a Healthy Eater at Every Stage of Childhood

Daily food choices can have a profound impact on overall health and well-being. Not only do healthy dietary patterns help maintain good health, they also reduce the risk of chronic diseases throughout all stages of life.