Impact of Va's proposed waiver of air pollution controls to allow for sustained diesel generation supply to northern Virginia Data Centers

It is hard to imagine the amount of dangerous air pollution that would occur if, one day, all of Virginia was suddenly powered by diesel fuel. That could never happen, right?  Wrong. 

Virginia DEQ Proposes Allowing Data Centers to Run Diesel Generators Proactively During Spring, Summer Months

Environmental groups are rallying against Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) proposed variance that would allow data centers to run their generators not only during blackouts but also …

Kickstart a Happier, Healthier Balanced Lifestyle

Are we really making a commitment to living a balanced healthy and happy lifestyle, or are we just making excuses?

Poll Shows Virginians Favor Statewide Investment in Mental Health Services

New statewide poll results show that there is widespread, bipartisan support among Virginia voters for government investment in mental health and substance abuse treatments and services.

New Year, New You: Tips for a Healthy Start to 2023

Turning the page on the calendar gives us a chance to turn the page on old unhealthy habits, commit to being better, healthier versions of ourselves and look to the future with hope for what’s to come.

How one woman showed up for herself after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis

(BPT) - This content is sponsored and provided by Novartis.“I have cancer. Cancer doesn’t have me.”Lisa, a Maryland mother, grandmother, travel agent and minister, is adamant about …
Friendship, Trust and Support on My Schizophrenia Journey
(BPT) - The story you are about to read may not be representative of all people living with schizophrenia. The opinions expressed here are those of Robert, a person living with schizophrenia, and are …
How reimbursement policies can affect patient access to anesthesia care
(BPT) - Hospitals nationwide — especially those in rural or other underserved areas where staffing is challenging — count on the skills and talents of every single member of a healthcare …
5 Steps to Sleep Better and Improve Heart Health
(Family Features) There's more to maintaining a healthy heart than just eating right and exercising regularly. While these practices play an important role in both cardiovascular and overall health and well-being, getting a good night's sleep is also key.
The US teen suicide rate is on the rise
Citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Charlie Health examined the rising rate of suicide among adolescents, specifically looking at data for 15-19-year-olds.
Prioritizing Your Gut & Feminine Health: 3 Reasons Why You Should Kickstart Your Day with a Daily Probiotic
(BPT) - For women who want to embark on the journey to improve their overall health, it can be confusing to know where to start. From finding the right supplements that suit your body's specific …
5 changes to reproductive health care in the US since Roe's reversal
Stacker investigated how reproductive health care has changed in the U.S. since the reversal of Roe v. Wade using various news and government sources.  

‘Rush is Never Worth the risk,’ says Mother of Daughter Struck, Killed by Truck

October is National Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month. September was Bicyclist and Pedestrian Awareness Month in Virginia. Fatal accidents and injuries involving road users increased last year, according to traffic crash facts from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center Welcomes New Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Miguel Pelton is a new orthopedic surgeon here at Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center. He is a sports medicine doctor and will begin seeing patients on Aug. 1, 2022.

Local Health News
UVA Health Community Medical Centers Unveil Rebranded Signs, Celebrate Transition to UVA Health
UVA Health today hosted three events across the Culpeper, Haymarket and Manassas communities to celebrate the unveiling of new UVA Health signs on medical center facades.
Prince William County Set to Open Crisis Receiving Center
Prince William County now has the funding to open a facility to see to the well-being of people in mental health crises.
County Will Celebrate Opening of Prince William Animal Services Center
Prince William County Police Department invites the public to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the new Animal Services Center, on Sept. 17. 
11 Data Buildings Would Surround Linton Hall Neighborhood in Bristow
Amberleigh Station residents oppose the data center park that would surround them on Linton Hall Road in Bristow. 
Poll: Which Local NonProfit Should We Support with a Free Banner Ad
Bristow Beat would like to sponsor free advertising and exposure for a local or regional charity/non-profit that supports local families and children. Help us decide to choose with nonprofit to highlight this April by voting within the survey.
BLACK CAT WAX Celebrates Three Years!
Black Cat Wax, a full-body waxing studio for women & men in Gainesville, is known for its exceptional guest service. Denise Coleman and her team pride themselves on providing a quick and easy body hair removal experience

New Prince William Animal Service Center Opens

The new Prince William County Animal Services Center will help shelter staff better care for the dogs, cats, birds, rodents, livestock and reptiles that come into the county’s care.

NASA Scientist Warns Bristow-area Residents Will Hear New Data Centers

High-density data centers currently planned for the Bristow area would result in area residents hearing a disruptive 'hum' 24/7, said NASA scientist Dr. John Lyver and the HOA Roundtable of Prince William County.

Virginians Cite Community Violence as Their Top Public Health Concern

Community violence and crime is the public health issue that most concerns a majority of Virginians when it comes to personal safety and well-being.

Probiotics, Prebiotics, Postbiotics, Oh My! Why Your Wellness Routine Isn't Complete Without a Postbiotic

(BPT) - The start of a new year has many people thinking about their health, reflecting on ways they can improve their overall well-being. At the top of that list, consumers are still prioritizing …
Health news for your family

Finding joy in the darkness: A teenage cancer patient’s story of hope, family and an amazing trip

(BPT) - Emma Frommeyer is a typical teenager in so many ways. She loves music, makeup and hanging out with friends. She’s also an incredibly smart honor roll student, however, there is one …
How one woman’s rare type of ovarian cancer was almost overlooked
(BPT) - Richmond, Virginia, resident Tiffany Stout never realized that in the prime of her life she would not only be battling cancer, but also a cancer that is rare with limited treatment options. …
From struggle to success: One woman’s weight loss journey
Real patient taking CONTRAVE at the time of her interview in January 2023 and compensated for sharing her inspiring story. Individual results may vary.(BPT) - If you’ve had difficulty …
A rare strength: What one advocate wants you to know about the rare disease community
(BPT) - By definition, the term “rare” implies something uncommon. When applied to diseases, it means a condition that impacts a small number of patients, usually fewer than 1 in 2,000. …
Resources for Finding and Comparing Health Care Providers
(Family Features) Getting health care for yourself or a loved one is a big responsibility. Consider these benefits of using the comparison tools to narrow your options.
A Cleaner Way to Cook
(Family Features) Consider these four benefits of cooking with an environmentally friendly, low-carbon energy source like propane.
Local Health News

VDH Streamlines its COVID-19 Dashboard

The Virginia Department of Health has made several changes to its COVID-19 dashboard to streamline information in this phase of the pandemic.

Affordable Cleaning Service Expands to New Headquarters

Affordable Cleaning Services is an independently-owned local business that combines professionalism, responsiveness, and thorough cleaning!

Therapy Dog Brings Smiles at Bull Run Middle School

As a therapy dog from Heeling House, Oakley, a two-year-old labradoodle, gets excited for these visits because they usually mean a lot of brushing, petting, and loving from the students and staff.

Local Scout Raises over $6,000 for Rise Against Hunger, Packs 10,152 Meals

As part of his Eagle Scout Project, Riley Kotlus of Manassas organized a large-scale volunteer event and fundraiser to combat hunger in Prince William County.

Your CBD Store

Your CBD Store in Gainesville offers holiday gifts to help ease pain, anxiety and overall better health!

Are you living with type 2 diabetes? You might need emergency glucagon, too

(BPT) - Pale skin, shakiness and sweating are just a few symptoms you might associate with hypoglycemia, which is known to be common in people with type 1 diabetes. But type doesn’t matter: …

6 Steps to Get Better Sleep and Improve Heart Health

(Family Features) There's more to maintaining a healthy heart than just eating right and exercising regularly. While these practices play an important role in both cardiovascular and overall health and well-being, getting a good night's sleep is also key.

Keeping My Body Moving and My Attitude Positive While Living with ALS

(BPT) - This content is sponsored by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, Inc. (MTPA) and is intended for U.S. audiences only. Ned Patterson is an actual patient who is taking RADICAVA® …

A Life Without Limits Despite a Rare Disease Diagnosis

-(BPT) - Patient Advocate and Former U.S. Congressman Gregg Harper Shares his Family’s Journey with Fragile X Syndrome and Discusses the Importance of Clinical Trials to Advance Treatment …

Non-Surgical GentleCure™ Treatment Cures 50,000th Skin Cancer Patient

(NewsUSA) -            Fifty thousand people in the U.S. have had their skin cancer cured without going to hospitals or undergoing traditional Mohs surgery, avoiding that treatment’s pain, …

Why Every Woman Should Learn About Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)

(BPT) - We often talk about breast cancer as if it is one disease. “Yeah, she had breast cancer,” or “she had a lump removed.” Even, “she has breast cancer. She’s …

Game On: A Former Professional Soccer Player Shares Her Perspective on Living with Ulcerative Colitis

(BPT) - “It’s the stuff fans can’t see that’s hard to deal with.”Pushing through challenges is something professional soccer player, coach, and avid runner Rosie White* …

A marathon, not a sprint: Life with chronic myeloid leukemia

(BPT) - On a Friday night in 1999, Al saw a TV commercial about a new cancer treatment that was enrolling patients in a clinical trial — a novel, targeted therapy that scientists were …

How Melissa Joan Hart Gets Relief for Her Dry Eyes

(Family Features) When Melissa Joan Hart first began experiencing dry, irritated eyes, she wasn't sure how to relieve her symptoms. However, after a recommendation, she learned of a line of products designed to relieve dry eye symptoms of eye dryness, burning, itching and discomfort.

Tobacco continues to play a starring role on screen – fueling youth e-cigarette public health crisis in the process

(BPT) - “Tobacco’s Starring Role,” Truth Initiative’s fifth annual “While You Were Streaming” study of the most popular 2021 onscreen entertainment among 15- to …

Sleep Health Tips: Basic Steps for a Happier, Healthier and Improved YOU

(BPT) - We have all been taught about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. But do you know why? Healthy sleep doesn’t just help us feel rested and fully charged during the day, …

Understanding the Most Common Type of Breast Cancer: What Every Woman Should Know When It Spreads
(BPT) - One of the worst things a woman can hear is: “You have cancer.”The unfortunate reality is that one in every eight women in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer at some point …
5 Simple Solutions for Proper Nasal Hygiene
(Family Features) Consider these tips to improve nasal hygiene and keep upper airway passages clear.
Selecting a Health Care Provider: Resources to guide your selection
(Family Features) Getting health care for yourself or a loved one is a big responsibility. Consider these benefits of using the comparison tools to narrow your options.
5 Sleep Habits Essential for Heart Health
(Family Features) Losing sleep anytime can be a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Consider these small changes in daily habits that can make a big difference in sleep quality.
Consumer Health Website Helps People Safely Choose & Use Self-Care Products
(NewsUSA) -  The ever-changing landscape of self-care offers consumers an array of choices that can sometimes feel overwhelming. To help navigate through the sea of health information, the Consumer …

No-Bake Energy Bites Recipe 'From Gina's Kitchen'

By Gina Michak Image courtesy of From Gina's Kitchen Foodie friends! These quick and easy no-bake energy bars were a quick and easy way to get back into the kitchen. Lightning quick to put …

Prince William Dance Academy Returns to Studio with New Safety Protocols

Tiny Twinkle-toes dancer enjoys her beginner class at Prince William Dance Academy. Prince William Dance Academy in Nokesville is excited to announce its team is back to delivering in-person lessons …

Breaking up with friends: How to know when it's time to move on

(BPT) - Friendships are an essential part of living a fulfilling life. However, just like any other relationship, some friends are only meant to be part of your life for a reason or a season, rather …