Fauquier Health Rehabilitation & Nursing Center Resident Makes Incredible Progress

Rehabilitation Resident, Willie Cloud, makes incredible progress and gets to go home just in time for the holidays.


Warrenton, VA (December 15, 2023) – Willie Cloud has spent nearly the last 45 days at Fauquier Health Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (FHRNC). After undergoing two separate knee surgeries on her right knee within a matter of four months, she needed around-the-clock skilled nursing care and rehabilitation to get her back on her feet.

During her stay at FHRNC, Willie has had therapy sessions five days per week. "I'm very pleased," Willie expressed. "When I first arrived, I could only take a couple steps. Sitting to standing was hard. That's not the case anymore; you can't beat the PTs and OTs here." During Willie's stay, she worked closely with team members Danielle Helmick, Occupational Therapist (OT), Eric Ingold and Alonzo White, Physical Therapists (PTs), and Julie Ross, Post Acute Supervisor. "I heard they were good, and they did not disappoint," Willie said.

Willie’s rehabilitation journey was initially jump-started by Eric Ingold, Physical Therapist, PT, who performed an initial evaluation and created an individualized plan to map out each step of recovery.

Danielle Helmick, OT, who worked with Willie, has a focus on working with residents to get them more confident in executing their everyday activities that may seem difficult – such as getting up out of bed, getting dressed, finding their balance, and more. “With Willie, I focused on working on mobility transfers,” explained Danielle. “It was important to help her regain her confidence in going from laying down, to sitting up, to standing, and then to walking.”

Alonzo White, PT, provided a different level of care for Willie. While he also focused on mobility transfers, he provided a different level of strength training to help focus on Willie as a whole person. Alonzo would walk with Willie down to the rehabilitation gym to work on everything from lower extremities to upper body strengthening. “Ms. Cloud struggled in the beginning because she had to wear a knee immobilizer brace following her surgery,” explained Alonzo. “But once she took it off, she felt freed, and it was easier to get around once she could bend her right knee.” The PT team has a special focus on understanding limitations and working around them, resistance training, and keeping a consistent routine.

“We work with the residents and see them as a whole person – mentally, physically, and even spiritually,” expressed Alonzo. “The best advice we give our residents to keep them motivated and encouraged is to look at every day like a new day. We point out all of their accomplishments daily, so they hear first-hand the progress they are making.” When asked what the residents and families are told prior to leaving the facility, Alonzo shared, “We tell them – you can rest but never quit.”

Given the current situation of Willie’s recovery process from her knee surgeries, her son was included as part of her care routines. Since Willie lives with her son, the goal was to ensure he was also confident in knowing how to provide certain levels of care to help his mother be comfortable at home. Willie shared that she is so excited to be able to go back home. She really looks forward to spending time with her family for the holidays. “The timing could not be better,” she said. “And, in the event I need care again, I would come back here with no questions asked.”

To ensure around-the-clock care was provided as necessary, Post Acute Supervisor, Julie Ross, was responsible for frequent check-ins to ensure Willie was feeling satisfied with her care and her progress. Fauquier Health Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (FHRNC) is accepting new residents for post-acute rehabilitation and therapy needs, long-term care, and respite care services. FHRNC is a 113-bed center located on the Fauquier Hospital campus, offering nearby access to hospital and physician services. The short-term rehabilitation program provides multi-disciplinary therapy for people who are ready to leave the hospital, but not yet strong enough to return home. Learn more or call to schedule an in-person tour today at 540.316.5500 or visit us online at Walk-in tours are also available.

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