COVID-19 Cases in Prince William Region Vary by Zip Code


There remains a huge disparity of COVID-19 cases across the Prince William County region, with some Woodbridge zip codes having ten times the number of cases than zip codes on the other side of the county.

According to the Virginia Department of Health, May 18, Woodbridge zip code 22191 leads Virginia in the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 case at 873. This zip code includes parts of Woodbridge, Dale City and Montclair and follows Route 1 and east of I-95. Following closely behind is Woodbridge zip code 22193 with 781 cases. This is the region west of I-95, and includes much of Dale City.

Prince William County map including COVID-19 data. Courtesy of the Prince William County Department of Health.

There are much fewer positive cases on the western end of the county. Gainesville (20155) has 138 cases. Bristow (20136) has 88 cases, less than 1/10th of the cases in Woodbridge (22191). Nokesville, a more rural area of Prince William, has only 24 confirmed cases.

The City of Manassas, a more urban jurisdiction, has 705 cases, making it the zip code with the third highest number of cases in Virginia.

The following is the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Northern Virginia zip codes in and around Prince William County. The second number is the number of people who have been tested for the coronavirus as of May 18.

20136- Bristow- 88 of 517

20156- Gainesville- 138 of 687

20109- Bull Run 619 of 1550*

20110- City of Manassas- 705 of 1,692

20111- Manassas Park- 468 of 1,163

20112- Manassas, Forest Park Area- 117 of 635

20136- Bristow- 88 of 517

20156- Gainesville- 138 of 687

20169- Haymarket- 55 of 378

20181- Nokesville- 24 of 186

20186- Warrenton- 39 of 335

20187- Warrenton- 39 of 305**

22025- Occoquan- 68 of 397**

22026- Dumfries/Montclair- 109 of 520

22191- Woodbridge 873 of 2,856

22192- Woodbridge 354 of 1,668

22193- Woodbridge- 781 of 2,686

Fairfax County continues to have the highest cases of COVID-19 in Virginia, with 7,843 confirmed cases. Prince William County has 3,759 cases.

Demographics continue to be a factor in who is contracting the virus. Of the total cases, 9,374 COVID-19 patients are Latino, compared to 11,267 non-Latino residents. Latinos only make up between 9-10% of the total population in Virginia (averaged from various sources.)

Governor Ralph Northam comment last week that the majority of employees within the poultry industry, where Virginia has witnessed outbreaks, are Latino. However, the statistic remains true for Northern Virginia. Latinos who have caught the virus seem to have a good survival rate, possibly based upon age.

As of May 18, Virginia had a total of 31,140 total COVID-19 cases (including 1,549 probable cases.) There have been 3,822 total hospitalizations due to the coronavirus and 1,014 total deaths.

The most COVID-19 outbreaks in Virginia have occurred in long-term care facilities. Other places that have experienced outbreaks are congregational settings, educational settings, healthcare settings and correctional facilities.

Overall in Virginia, the number of confirmed cases in one day peaked on May 1. Since then, cases have been on an overall decline even as there has been increased testing. These numbers, as well as hospitals that are more prepared, have led the Governor to begin to open the state.

Gov. Ralph Northam began Phase I of 'Forward Virginia on May 15 in most of the state. Due to a high number of cases in Northern Virginia, and at the behest of elected officials in the region, the Governor has allowed Northern Virginia jurisdiction to delay entering Phase I until May 29. Jurisdictions participating in the delayed opening include Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun, Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, City of Manassas and Manassas Park.

It is too early to tell how entering Phase I reopening will affect the numbers of cases in Virginia.

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors has discussed ways to address the high number of COVID-19 case present in some of its localities.

*This number was added and reflects 5/19 data. 

**Corrections have been made to the 22125 and 22126 zip codes


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