Anti-Digital Gateway Activist Endorses Deshundra Jefferson for Chair

Gainesville resident Bill Wright supports Jefferson-D for Chair of Prince William County Board of Supervisors


Ask yourself: Are you better off than you were four years ago, or have your dreams been hijacked to serve the selfish aims of others?

Prince William County is at a crossroads and the 2023 elections will decide whether we free ourselves from subservience to developer exploitation or slip permanently into the abyss. 

A positive change awaits in the candidacy of Deshundra Jefferson for County Board Chair.  She vows to restore transparency and integrity to a government that has been quick to abuse your trust and give away the store to big tech predators who are gorging on your slice of the pie.

We must diversify our commercial tax base among ALL targeted industries, vice putting all our eggs in the data center basket, and focus on attracting small businesses by reducing barriers to their establishment.

Deshundra believes we cannot accept the rise in violent crime as the “new normal”.  Instead, we should employ community policing practices, where law enforcement officers build relationships with community members in an effective partnership to promote public safety.  We should develop programs to incentivize law enforcement officers to live within the neighborhoods they serve to increase their community investment and foster trust.

Taxes fund essential services, but we must scrutinize how they are spent.  And we must ensure tax equity among homeowners, small businesses and big corporations.  You deserve a fair tax bill and full value for what you pay.

Take back your county.  Vote for Deshundra Jefferson in the June 20th Democratic primary.  Early voting starts on May 5th.

Bill Wright


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  • Independent Voice

    Uh, no thank you. Oh, but equity! Another dem liar.

    Thursday, April 13 Report this

  • AlexMax

    Bill Wright may be the most dishonest person in Prince William. He is a Republican supporter who donated and campaigned aggressively for Republican Bob Weir (look Bill up on VPAP). Now he is going to tell people to vote for a Democrat Supervisor? How is that Bill? You are Republican or a Democrat???

    You say you are concerned about developers? You weren't concerned when they tore down a rural site to build your gate country club that regular residents can't even get into. If you are worried about development, how about taking down your neighborhood gate and lettings us east siders walk in your neighborhood??

    Do you think Bill is worried about crime in is gilded gated country club? He is a snake oil salesmen if there has ever been one.

    Republican supporters like Bill should stay out of Democrats elections and let us vote for who we want. I personally support Chair Wheeler and all the great work she is done. Deshundra seems to be short on ideas other than complaining. We need solutions and results.

    Thursday, April 13 Report this

  • AlexMax

    One other note for active Republican supporter and donor Bill Wright who is trying to disrupt our Democratic primary, Deshundra does not have one endorsement from any Democrat leader. The entire Democratic leadership, from the state on down, has endorsed Chair Wheeler.

    Bill should worry about his Republican primary for Chair with Jeanine Lawson and Kenn Knarr and stay out of our primary!!

    Thursday, April 13 Report this

  • astoeger

    The June 20, 2023 Democratic Primary for the At-Large seat on the Board of County Supervisors gives PWC voters a

    wonderful choice. You can either vote for Chair Wheeler (who voted in favor of EVERY data center in Gainesville and Bristow) and who is promoting the PW Digital Gateway (the largest data center alley in the world). Or you can vote for Deshundra Jefferson - who has had the guts to stand up to Chair Wheeler and is opposed to zoning more data centers in our residential areas and the PW Digital Gateway.

    Bill Wright is a local hero. He has spoken up loud and clear for the protection of our community. He has endorsed both Democratic and Republican candidates (as have I) because stopping the data center approval frenzy is priority #1 for our heavily burdened community. Our community needs time to carefully assess the environmental and quality of life impact before we zone even one more data center --- much less the the 50 or more that could be zoned in the PW Digital Gateway that Chair Wheeler promotes (and Deshundra Jefferson doesn't). I agree with Bill -- Vote for Deshundra in the June 20th Primary.

    Friday, April 14 Report this

  • AlexMax

    Well is't that interesting?? Astoeger is a long supporting Republican who most recently was actively involved in supporting Republican Bob Weir. Yet another Republican supporter and donor like Bob Weir, trying to disrupt the Democratic Primary. Bristow Beat should do a story on why Republicans like Bill Wright and Astoeger are trying to interfere and disrupt the Democratic primary. Biil and Astoeger should be focused on voting in their Republican primary and not disrupting our Democratic primary. I assume they believe that Republican primary challenger Kenn Knarr will easily defeat Jeanine Lawson like Hung Cao did so they are trying to focus on disrupting the Democrats.

    Deshundra may be aligned with your anti-business and anti-data center beliefs, but she is big on heavy spending which will mean higher taxes for all of us. Just what this county needs is higher residential taxes courtesy of Deshundra. At least with Wheeler, she is trying to bring meaningful revenue from other sources then my house!

    With respect to calling Bill Wright a "local hero", a hero is someone people admire for their noble qualities. Bill's qualities all revolve around his self-serving nature. Environmentalist? please, i dont see him trying to minimize the impact on his gated private golf course which is one of the most environmentally damaging land uses with polluting groundwater with pesticides and fertilizers, water depletion , destruction of natural areas, harming wildlife via chemicals, etc.

    He is big on pretending like he cares about east Prince William but all he wants to do is cram all of the business, industrial, and homes into our side of Prince William so that his neighborhood can remain exactly as he wants its, with no regard for anyone else or the environment. A hero he clearly is not!

    Friday, April 14 Report this

  • astoeger

    If you are opposed to zoning more data centers in Gainesville, Bristow, Manassas and Haymarket and other areas of PWC then on June 20, 2023 there are two ways to express your point of view

    1. In the Democratic primary for At-Large Supervisor vote for Deshundra Jefferson instead of Chair Wheeler. (Chair Wheeler voted in favor of every data center zoned in Western PWC during the zoning frenzy of 2021-2022 and she is a strong advocate for the PW Digital Gateway).

    2. In the Republican primary for At-Large Supervisor vote for Jeanine Lawson instead of the guy who is running who will benefit from the sale of his property in the PW Digital Gateway.

    Of course, if Chair Wheeler is defeated in the Democratic Primary by Deshundra, then both candidates for At-Large supervisor would be opposed to further data center industrialization of PWC.

    Sunday, April 16 Report this

  • AlexMax

    You are aware that there is not a single person on the BOCS who has voted for more data centers in Prince William than Jeanine Lawson? You are also aware that there is not a Republican who has accepted more money from data center companies than Jeanine Lawson? She has conveniently become anti-data centers during an election year.

    Deshundra says she is against data centers but I suspect she is just trying to find a platform to get attention. She only became against data centers once she decided to run for Chair. Where was she before that when all the other data centers were being approved??? I can almost guarantee you that if she were to win she would soften her opinion on data centers.

    If everyone is not ready to have their real estate taxes SKYROCKET, Deshundra is not that candidate for PW. I will let the Republicans decide who they want their candidate to be.

    Sunday, April 16 Report this

  • astoeger

    BenWalker was not correct in stating Deshundra is just "using" the data center" issues to have a platform. Deshundra haf spoken up in opposition to the data center zoning frenzy at County Supervisor meetings over a year ago - frankly very few people knew what was going on before that because so many of these projects were under non-disclosure agreements and the zoning approvals were happening so rapidly. The reason i respect her is that she is a Democrat who had the guts to stand up to a Democratic majority Board. Jeanine lawson has stated she is opposed to further data center industrialization. Chair Wheeler is a strong advocate for further approvals, including the PW Digital Gateway.

    Sunday, April 16 Report this