Governor Youngkin Announces School Choice Proclamation

Declares this School Choice Week in Virginia

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – Governor Glenn Youngkin today announced this week as School Choice week, and issued a proclamation highlighting the importance of school choice for Virginia’s students and parents.
“As your governor, I will continually stand up for students and parents and will sign the largest education budget in Virginia’s history. Our goal is that every student will graduate high school ready to go to college or start a great career. Choice and innovation within public education is vital to achieving that goal. That’s why together we will not only raise standards and raise teacher pay, but we will invest $150 million to kick start 20 new charter schools in the Commonwealth. We must empower parents and students with choice and innovation in K-12 public education,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Virginia School Choice Week


WHEREAS, all children in Virginia should have access to a high quality public education; and,

WHEREAS, Virginia recognizes the important role that a quality education plays in preparing all students in Virginia for success in life; and,

WHEREAS, quality education is critically important to the economic vitality and vibrancy of the communities of the Commonwealth; and,

WHEREAS, students have different needs and learning styles and a monolithic delivery of education does not serve the myriad needs of families;

WHEREAS, Virginia currently has only 7 charter schools, but its neighboring state of North Carolina has close to 200 and the District of Columbia has 123; and,

WHEREAS, School Choice Week is celebrated across the country by millions of students, parents, educators, schools, and organizations to raise awareness of the need for effective educational options.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Glenn Youngkin, do hereby recognize January 23 – January 29, 2022


I call this observance to the attention of all of our citizens, and proclaim that:

Virginia must empower parents by creating innovation within K-12 public schools to best adapt to the needs of Commonwealth’s students; and,

Virginia is committed to increasing education options for its youth by seeking $150 million to help meet a goal of starting at least 20 new public charter schools in the Commonwealth; and,

Virginia will build partnerships between the Commonwealth and our great universities to create lab schools of excellence; and,

Virginia will raise education standards to elevate students to high performing levels and reinstitute merit-based acceptance to Governor’s and magnet schools; and,

Virginia will empower parents to make choices about the educational needs of their children.

Click here to read a full copy of the School Choice proclamation.

From Bristow Beat: 

Yesterday Gov. Youngkin recommended that parents with concerns about Virginia educators teaching divisive messages report those teachers to a state email address.

Youngkin made the recommendation on a conservative talk show. He used an example of taking ideas from Critical Race Theory. In one specific example, a Fairfax County teacher played "privilege" bingo and placed military children in the "privileged" category. 

The "tipline" received national attention and plenty of pushback. Soon, there was a call  for people to write in with nonsense to "flood" the inbox. But some also asked suggested that people share stories of the good job Virginia teachers are doing. 

Youngkin has been fulfilling campaign promises allotting parents school choice in various ways. Last week he issued an Executive Order that said that parents can excuse their children from wearing masks to school. However, several school divisions are fighting EO2 in court. Prince William County Schools continues to enforce its mask policy. 

Bristow Beat has a POLL to see if local parents prefer for school masks to be optional.

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